Top 8 Stores That Will Talk Back the 11.11 Sale

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Single’s Day Sale is back with a bang! We are here to let you know about the best shopping deals this November 11. After the break from COVID-19, the economy is coming back to life. You cannot miss the chance to get thrifty at the biggest shopping festival of the year.  

Therefore, look further to find out about the greatest 11.11 Sales on the best online shopping stores. Browse their offers and start your massive money-saving journey before the countdown gets over. From social media to emails, every shopaholic is talking about discounts.

We have updated the list of the top 8 stores where you can find the best 11.11 Sales in 2021. Let us start from the one that created history and made Single’s Day the biggest shopping festival.

8 Best 11.11 Sales Store to Lookout for in 2021

These are the best 8 online shopping stores where you can find Single’s Day sale.

Alibaba Mega Shopping Festival

The brand that started it all, Alibaba Group, is performing fantastically this year for 11.11 Sale. It is focusing on global brand recovery in 2020 to recover from the pandemic. #Double11 is the ecommerce giant’s Twitter hashtag.

With the two shopping periods of this event, shoppers spent over $1.49bn in the first one. Now, the second chance to save big money is what customers are expecting on Nov 11.

The 11.11 Sale by Alibaba is expected to showcase festive offers from more than 250,000 brands. Also, it is highly active on Taobao and Tmall where you can shop twice and thrice for over 15 million products.

Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival

Twitter calls it the #Bangood1111 when you visit social media for deals from the biggest shopping festival of the year. It is the right time to use voucher codes by this brand to save big.

The Double 11 sale holds four major shopping deals on the store. These include,

  • Price Storm Deals – Buy different products from #Banggood by paying the bottom price till Nov. 10 and the actual price during the 11.11 Sale. Pay as less as $1 and enjoy.
  • Super Flash Deals – Save big on a variety of items from the flash sale. Different prices on different products every day until the massive shopping date arrives. Snatch incredibly priced products because it says ‘LIMITED TO SNATCH’.
  • Super Brand Sale – The big brand sale offers discounts ‘Up to 70% off’ on different items. Buyers have the opportunity to save a fortune on their favourite brands.
  • Local Warehouse Sale – Purchase products from the local warehouse and enjoy 1-week delivery on all items. It is a chance to receive orders faster and cheaper.

AliExpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020

Your favourite AliExpress is offering wonders in its biggest Single’s Day sale of the year. Find discounts ‘Up to 70% off” and discover a limitless universe of wonderful prices in the November 11 sale.

Also, customers can win the best discount codes by playing multiple mobile games. AliExpress suggests you to play Energy Lab on Gameland and check out multiple 11.11 prizes.

The previous year, the brand gave an iconic performance. It sold lipsticks equal to the height of 47 Eiffel Towers, phones balancing 92 standard-sized soccer fields, handbags enough to fill 50 aeroplanes, and footwear that could fill 2,717 trucks before transportation.

You can shop big and save on well-known brands for authentic and quality shopping deals with #AliExpress1111.

Gearbest 11.11 Shopping Carnival

Find the perfect entertainment deals on Gearbest this year in the 11.11 Sale. It is an amazing chance to save big on the 2020 Single’s Day shopping festival. The brand is offering more than its regular vouchers on the store.

Keep counting and avail ‘Extra discount coupons up to $30 off!

Save on DIY 3D printers, cell phones, laptops, smart electronics, and home appliances. The 11.11 Sale has local warehouse deals. Here, you get the chance to avail the quickest delivery. Also, Gearbest is offering seamless discounts on its app.

Besides this, Gearbest is calling you to play the ‘Spin and Win’ game. Spin to win different points. You can further use these points in two different ways on the store.

  • Use points to win exciting prizes.
  • Exchange points and enjoy discounts on the actual price.

GeekBuying 11.11 Shopping Festival

Shopping in the 11.11 Sale on GeekBuying is going to be fun.

This brand has started a 13-Day sale from Nov 01 – Nov 13 for this Single’s Day sale. Moving further from the 3-Day Flash Deals that winded up in the first week of November, GeekBuying has more for you.

Avail the ‘Outdoors 11.11’ and ‘Smart Home 11.11’ sale on Nov 05 and 06 respectively. This chance to hunt for the finest shopping deals for 2020 will not return. Also, the store is offering 3 days of ‘3C 11.11’ sale from Nov 08 – Nov 10.

Single’s Day sale on GeekBuying will delight all the visitors from the midnight of Nov 11 to midnight on Nov 13. The brand has big plans for its 3-Day Shopping Spree too. Hence, buy everything you want from the department store before it’s too late.

Unineed Double 11 Sale

This premium beauty and fashion store have its 11.11 Sale ready to entice customers again. Starting from ‘30% Sitewide’ on the first day, the brand has gifts and offers for all.

Use the code U30 and ‘Love Yourself & Save Money with Our Double 11 Discounts.

Therefore, visit Unineed’s website to buy more beauty essentials for less.

Newchic 2020 Single’s Day Sales

Shopaholics always look forward to the biggest global shopping festivals to save big. Hence, the 11.11 Sale on Newchic is an opportunity for all fashion lovers. From updating the wardrobe with fashion clothing to revamping the closet staples, everything is going to be a priceless dream come true.

It is offering a chance to ‘Get 18% off’ from Nov 02 – Nov 09. Also, it will offer free shipping from Nov 09 – Nov 16. Update your shopping list with Newchic’s Hot List on Double 11.

LookFantastic 11.11 Sale Single’s Day Deals

The month of November will keep bringing wonders that have started from the 11.11 Sale. LookFantastic is already counting down for Black Friday Beauty Event 2020 on its Twitter official page.

However, LookFantastic shares the 11.11 Sale with the chance to enjoy big savings. Its Single’s Day Sale includes,

Up to 50% off on your favourite skincare brands

You can visit the store and use the code SDX11. One code can get you exciting discounts on all its products.

Final Verdict: Which Single’s Day Sale is the Best?

Single’s Day is going to be one dramatic shopping festival this year. Shopaholics who remained behind closed doors during the pandemic are now free to save big and shop more. So, hurry up and enjoy the 11.11 Sale on the top stores.