The Rise of Digital Coupons – Welcoming the 2020 Era


I have hardly seen any retailer cockpit where moms aren’t been a target figure.

Sharing my recent store experience at a nearby Etailer to shop for a sun block. As I stood in the passageway with my trolley cart, browsing my options; I noticed a cute mom-daughter couplet next to me hunting for the same product chop. The daughter must be hardly 12 yrs old. What surprised me wasn’t her blond hair look or price negotiations either but that portable digital tool in her hand at her clearance to help her while making selection .

The way mom expertly dig across the shelf space for her favorite sun block brand was signaling the cue that she is a regular shopper here .She handed her daughter with three different sun block bottle brands & asked her to swipe all three on the ‘in-store app’, already in her hand before to see which of them carries a ‘coupon offer’.

Her daughter followed the words & when one of the three bottle flask strikes with a discount-off pop, she threw that one immediately in her cart while putting the other two back in shelves & glided away with that flaunting  ‘saver super mom’ expression visible on her face.

I was so deeply involved into the scene that it made me forgot my own spoon of interest & the thought that kids & husband must be waiting for their supper.

Over the tenure of last 40 years, it wasn’t unusual to find moms spending most of their kitchen time, nestling around kitchen tables with scissors in hand & clipping out coupons from magazines & newspaper. Not only couponing has now become a trend of the day but also, moving into digital dip shop than ever before.

Coupon Intelligence Report by Valassis cited that the juice of consumers opining to receive latest discount alerts on their smartphones/ tabs has reached up to 33% from 2016 to 2017! And crowd –pleasing retailers are striving hard than ever for shoppers to accept & use their coupons by launching seamless ‘shopping-driven apps’. Something like, CartWheel.

Why are shoppers so insatiate & touchy for savings? Though, the economy is in a much stable state now as compared to 2008’s recession move with the born of more millennial inclining towards coupon usage; consumers on the whole are still being unwasteful & coupon is a smart saving bug for them & their increasing households.

NEW YORK Coupons have already made their way as a promotional medium in the U.S, with American coupon-clippers accounting to 86% of households and driving 89 percent of  all-outlet dollar sales, as per data compiled by Nielsen.

Italicizing the huge course of coupon usage, small business e-tailers have shot-up tremendously on this. So, how can brands today (mid’s, smalls or large) get in on the couponing craze?

Offer Coupons for ‘What They Need’: Experian reported that 80% out of mass shoppers are looking for coupon on their regular search items they need for their households. Moms are a classical example of this with a stream of products in hand & mind; everything from diapers to beauty to electronics to apparels. Gift her with the desired coupon pat & no one can dead stop her from honoring your business.

Use Email as your forever Coupon distribution channel:A narrow thought could be why only email? The prompt answer is because its chap & effective. Agree?

Many companies have cooled their efforts on email marketing but punch the fact at your cupboard that still it carries the heaviest lead to reach & convert shoppers. Brands should create a list of not only its regular shoppers but also non-shoppers and ex-shoppers projecting a single time interest even, in receiving their coupon deals & distribute them via e-mails. Don’t leave that hole open!

Experian says that these emails carry highest open rates of 14%, with 34% of openers click through & transaction completion % of 27. Mathematically, a superb 48% increase in revenue per email experienced by every brand!

Utilize Coupon Influencers For Your Offer sharing: For your surprise, a shack of industry bloggers & influencers have recently sprung up over the last few years  with ‘special deals & vouchers ’ as their VIP area  for their VIP’s( target sets) .

These influencers enjoy an edge by playing into major followings and do drive no for granted results.  Many cynosure Coupon influencers has grilled about half a million followers successfully on social media, not forgetting those thousands of free followers that visits them every month.