The Most Common Abbreviations Used in Coupons


Have you ever got a chance of watching those extreme couponing shows? I’m pretty sure you would know the ones I’m talking about. The main character of the show went to a local superstore with a coupon in hand and ended up paying 12 cents for a week’s worth of groceries.

This type of hobby can prove to be lucrative and beneficial in specific scenarios; especially for someone who enjoys spending in a budget efficiently.

However, once you start attaining the paper vouchers for your next trip to the supermarket, you need to understand and familiarize yourself with some of the most common knowledge regarding coupons so that you can save big time on your next visit.

Below are some of the most basic abbreviations that you will come across on your journey for becoming an effective couponer are as follows:

1) BOGO:

This abbreviation means the buy-one-item, get-one-item for free. A coupon containing an offer like this is mostly found when you are purchasing two or more of the similar items.

2) B2G2:

In the offers comprising of the B2G2, customers are usually given two or more items for free when they purchase two or more items. In BOGO based offers, it is usually not heard for the second, third, or even fourth time; however, in this case, a small piece of merchandise is usually awarded at a reasonable price instead of completely giving it for free.

3) B1G1:

Just like BOGO, there are a few coupons that will indicate this buy-on-get-one deal by naming it as B1G1. Again, it is most commonly rational when buying two of the similar items.

4) CRT:

Another most widely used abbreviation in the couponing world that you will come across multiple times once you start gathering your coupons. Referred as the cash register tape, this abbreviation is a decorative way to call it as a receipt.

5) EXP:

As you work your way out in your couponing journey, you will come to an understanding that every offer has an absolute time limit, indicating that it can only be used till a specific time or day. The acronym ‘exp.,’ which stands short for expiration, will designate this time and date on a coupon.

6) ECB:

ECB stands for extra care bucks. You may come across this term when the seller of a store or a brand is providing credit for the store when you purchase a specific item.

7) ISO:

ISO stands for ‘in search of,’ and I’m pretty sure that extreme couponers will know what this abbreviation is about and refers to a single person chasing a particular coupon for personal gains.

8) MM:

You may find this interesting, but the most frequent couponers earn money through the usage of coupons. MM is an abbreviation referring to a particular person that earns money through coupons.

9) MFG/MQ:

A stand for a manufacturing coupon, this particular piece of a coupon is the conventional voucher cut straight from a magazine or newspaper.

10) WYB:

WYB means ‘when you buy,’ and is expressive of the conditions that must be catered before the offer like Buy Sheds Direct Voucher Code becomes rational.