Basement Flooring Materials You Should And Shouldn’t Use

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A basement can bring a lot of advantages and space to the place if finished right. The latest promo codes and voucher codes are a way to overcome the challenges regarding flooring in the basement. It is by far the toughest place in an entire house to install flooring. Several things needed to be worked out before getting the job done such as humidity, moisture, and uneven surfaces. It is also important to choose materials that would not perish in flooding because a little caution is always reasonable. With all these obstacles and problems in mind, we have some fantastic recommendations about the flooring material of the basement which you should and should not consider.

Porcelain Wood; The Smart Choice

Porcelain is the best choice because it is impermeable to moisture. The water resistance makes it one of the great options for basements. It will work best especially for the basements that are prone to floods. The wood look, however, is mainly for aesthetics and easy on eyes purposes as it makes the floor looks like original wood. This flooring is widely used and is viewed as a symbol of a high standard. Which makes the prices of wood porcelain higher than the rest. But with the discount codes 2018, it is available in pocket-friendly rates. The only drawback is it feels cold to touch without the heating mats, but that’s not an issue big enough to persuade us otherwise.

Luxury Vinyl Tile By Flooring Superstore Discount Code

Luxury vinyl tile is commonly referred to as LVT. They are a real treat to the aesthetics and pleases everyone who set eyes on them. It is capable of lifting the whole mood of the entire place. It looks like the real stone and even makes you believe that it has a texture of stone too. It usually imitates the famous stone like marble and slate. These tiles yet have a double thickness than the normal conventional ones. The thickness makes them better at the insulation of cold basement. They also have more extended durability and prove to be a good investment. The LTV is more expensive then the vinyl tile when there is a very little difference between the two, this remains the only downside.

Rubber Flooring; Not Recommended

Rubber flooring may be considered ideal for pre-school playrooms,  dance studios, and gyms but it is not a wise choice when it comes to basements or anywhere inside the home. Unless of course, you have a gym in your home. The primary reason would be that it doesn’t look good and is not a very pleasant sight. Rubber should only be used as the basement flooring when it is intended to be the home-based workout station or a children’s play area. But if you plan otherwise, then there are various beautiful options at the store that can be bought in reasonably cheaper rates made possible by flooring superstore discount code 2018.

Say No To Solid Hardwood Flooring

No one should even think about getting a solid hardwood flooring for the basement. There is no way it will end up looking nice and in the right place once installed in the basement. Apart from aesthetics, the other issue with hardwood is it needs to be nailed, and that is indeed impossible to do in a concrete slab.