Top 21 Places to Visit in Europe- Bucket list for Tourists

places to Visit in Europe

Every continent has various beautiful places to leave its visitors mesmerized with the beauty of nature, and Europe is no exception. With fifty-one independent countries having diverse landscapes, culture and history, there is no shortage of the best places to visit in Europe.

From Paris to London to France and Istanbul, each European country is jam-packed with vibrant cities famous for a multitude of reasons. So it comes to no surprise that choosing the top places to visit in Europe is not an easy job. To help you easily plan your next trip to Europe, we have come up with the top 21 beautiful places to visit in Europe.

So what are you waiting for? Use this list to choose your favourite European destination and double your enjoyment by saving your travel expenses with travel voucher codes. Let’s get started:

1.      Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, is a gateway to traditional and historical heritage, including several ancient mosques, churches, cathedrals, etc. Standing between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has plenty of fairytales places to amaze its visitors who visit this city from all over the world. From the Grand Bazar to Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, and what not, Travelers cannot resist themselves to come out of the magical beauty of such fascinating places.

2.      Paris, France
Paris, France

The capital of France and the most romantic city globally, Paris, is considered among the “must-go” places to visit in Europe. Being the home to some of the world’s well-known European destinations, such as the Eiffel Tower, French Cuisine, and more, Paris has a comprehensive list of wonders to charm you. From enjoying its delicious foods, visiting famous landmarks to fun lands, and more, you can easily spend your vacations here without getting bored.

3.      London, England
London, England

Among the most beautiful cities in Europe, the name of London cannot be neglected. Attracting around 30 million tourists each year, London is listed among the best places to visit in Europe. Book your next trip to London and explore the world-class Tower Bridge, British Museum, royal palaces, museums, and churches, etc. Although London’s hotels’ prices can go so high, you save your money by booking your accommodations in advance.

4.      Rome, Italy
Rome  Italy

The capital of Italy, Rome, is a masterpiece of antiquity and Christian faith. The city is so big that you can just overwhelm while deciding where to go first. Your visit to Rome is incomplete without visiting the awe-inspiring fountain, Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, Circus Maximus, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to book your next trip to this incredibly beautiful city known to be the best places to visit in Europe.

5.      Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

It may require several weeks to visit what Florence has to offer for its travellers. It has become the attraction-point for the tourists for its top-rated museums, antiquated hotels, tasty foods, and spectacular architecture. Some of its must-watch sights that put this city among the list of best places to visit in Europe are Michelangelo’s David, Ponte Vecchio, Brunelleschi’s Dome, and more.

6.      Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

Known for its hospitability, and cultural legacy, Dublin is a sophisticated city blended with beautiful art, culture, and character. It has countless things to offer and charm you. Still, it can leave you to desire for more. Despite being a diverse and rich city, the people of Dublin never fail to impress you with their humbleness and great character.

7.      Venice, Italy
Venice Italy

In a city crowded with travellers like Venice, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to see first. Venice can make the tourists get lost when wandering in its beautiful streets and walkaways, slow walking beside the canals, and more. At every place, you will find something worth praising and taking snaps. Apart from showing you plenty of churches, historical places, restaurants, theatres, this European city is also a great place for lovebirds.

8.      Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is the most colourful and vibrant city in Europe that you can’t miss in your next international trip. The city boasts a diverse climate, with a treasure of historical monuments, museums, and numerous fabulous activities that can entertain visitors of all ages.

9.      Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

A fantastic city bogged down with great glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, and whatnot. Reykjavik is the place for nature lovers. The city never fails to leave its visitors speechless from presenting a colourful art with a treasure collection of the world’s best known historical and cultural places. Book your trip to Europe to enjoy the amazing nightlife, cafes, restaurants, and more during your stay in Reykjavik.

10. Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland, this great city is the symbol of history, castles, striking scenes, and modern Scottish life. So get ready to put on your feet to cross Edinburgh’s stones and mountains and explore the new here.

11. Namur, Belgium
Namur, Belgium

It is a city founded in beautiful natural settings, with an abundance of historical and architectural culture. Namur is counted among the best places to visit in Europe for those who love to watch nature wonders, love shopping and dining, and more. Does’nt matter if you are travelling alone, with friends or family, Namur is a must-visiting place.

12. Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

This colourful city is a gateway for those visitors who are crazy to see diverse cultures. It has numerous points to gain the attention of the tourists. With various parks, hills, statues, museums, Baroque architecture, Brussels has everything you dream of.

13. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

Spending vacations in Prague can make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale. Nicknamed as the “city of thousand spires” Prague can wonder you with sufficient attraction points. Be its Gothic architecture, lively atmosphere of Old Town Square, Renaissance; everything is just giving a dramatic look. Compared to European cities, the affordability of Prague is what put it in the row of the best places to visit in Europe.

14. Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi is one of the most visited European destinations all over Italy. Captivating the attention of thousands of traveller each year, the city is full of gorgeous towns that are hugging the mountains and sublime beaches. Plan your next European trip to this coastal city for the time of your life. Enjoy your days here by walking on the dreamy streets of Positano, hike on around 4-mile long Il Vallone delle Ferriere trail. So, don’t miss the chance to visit Amalfi that has now come in the row of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

15. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the city which is revealed as the best places to visit in Europe for infinite good reasons. The place is ideal for tourists, especially in summer. Being the cultural centre of Netherland, the city can never fail to amaze you. With a variety of noteworthy universities, research institutes, museums, theatres, Amsterdam has everything that tourist expect.

16. The Azores, Portugal
The Azores, Portugal

Want to visit the best cities in Europe? The Azores is the answer to all your travel needs. Volcanoes and The Azores city go side by side. You can see volcanoes in almost everywhere of the islands of this city. The Azores city has plenty of churches, lakes, and waterfalls that make the whole city look like a paradise. With all this natural glory and slight subtropical weather, the Azores is an amazing place for going outside to hike, dive, and seeing the whales at the offshores.

17. Manchester, England
Manchester, England

Being the cultural and profitable capital of Lancashire, Manchester is the well-known hub for higher education, arts, and media. It appeals the tourists with a wide range of sports and entertainment facilities that make this city one of the best places to visit in Europe. So, come here to visit the city and double the enjoyment of your trip by booking accommodations in England’s luxury hotels.

18. Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is one of the most well-known cities in Austria and perhaps the best and well-maintained old town centre. The city is famous for both its splendid background and beautiful architecture. Mirabel Palace, Fortress Hohensalzburg, Plaza de Mozart, are some of the most visited destinations of this city that place this city in the list of the best places to visit in Europe.

19. Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

A vibrant city in Germany, known for its plenty of cultural calendar and festivals. Munich is overloaded with a variety of outstanding museums and palaces that can leave you shocked with their striking architecture. Enjoy each moment of your trip with a bundle of options such as joining their carnivals or satisfying your sweet craving at Munich’s famous cake shop and more.

20. Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

The capital and the most energetic city of Spain, Madrid is the central point of eye-catching cultural attractions. Its wide streets always remain overfilled with traffic. However, appealing parks break the sprawl of the city. It’s a modern city that provides its visitors with the real taste of Spain. Fall and spring are the best seasons to visit and appraise this beautiful city.

21. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a gorgeous coastal city that captivates its visitors with its stunning natural scenes and a sunny lifestyle. It’s the ancient city of Europe, with a wealth of modern artistic treasures, Romanesque churches and a lot more attractions. By surprising you with its incredible architecture, Barcelona is a city that never sleeps. Its delightful cultural attractions are what make the city one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Closing the Curtains

Have this travel guide helped you choose the best destination in Europe? We have written this article to help you easily decide the best places to visit in Europe and provide you with the most important information as much as possible. Lucky you are for getting a list of top twenty-one best places to visit in Europe. Now you can plan your next European trip with keeping in mind your taste, mood, budget and other such factors.

Have a great trip!