Guide to Best Parrot Travel Cages and Bird Carrier’s

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Transporting your pets, especially birds, can be a bit of a hassle if not done right. Sometimes, it’s not just about transporting parrots over to another block in a car. Sometimes you are required to carry them overseas as well. That can be through a plane or on a ship. For this purpose, the bird travel cages that you’re opting for must be secure, comfortable and spacious.

However, if you need to transport your bird locally, I mean just across a few blocks then small bird travel cages can work as well.

You need to take out the time and check which bird carrier suits your bird needs. There is a broad range of bird cages available. You can purchase some and other pets and accessories on reduced prices, by availing Northern Parrots Discount Codes. So, let’s check out the type of bird travel cages you should be availing this right now in this guide given down below.

Tips When Buying Bird Travel Cages & Carrier’s

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Before you hit the store for purchasing bird cages, I want you to consider the following things. They will help you evaluate what kind of bird travel cages you’re seeking.

  • Size matters a lot. Conduct research on the type of species of bird you have. If it likes to fly a lot, then get cages in a bigger size.
  • Cost: it’s better to do a cost-benefit analysis. Don’t buy cages of low quality for a lower price. Explore your options. You can also get affordable cages, by visiting some local stores.
  • Quality: It’s plays a vital role in choosing a parrot travel cage. Don’t go for cheap cages. They will be bad for your bird’s comfort. Go for heavy-duty and durable parrot cage. They will last a lifetime.

1)      Backpack Bird Travel Carrier

Introduced just recently, these backpack bird carriers are trending right now. Now the first question that pops in everyone’s mind is whether these bird carriers are safe or not. Well, speaking in terms of quality, the answer to this question is yes. Not a lot of companies sell these, but some renowned one is Celtei. The designer herself has put in a lot of effort into making sure these bird carriers are reliable and provide comfort to your bird.

Once, you buy these bird carriers, you would know of the right quality way. These come a bit pricey but let me tell you they are worth it. Available in a variation of different colours and shapes, choose the one which you like the most and transport your bird safely.

2)      Acrylic Bird Travel Cages

These bird cages are quite strong and enduring. Mainly made from polycarbonate, these bird cages are quite tough. Depending on your pet’s personality, it’s up to you to whether you want to go for these compact cages. As not a lot of pets may be comfortable in travelling through such a compact space. It totally rely on your whether you want to go for this sturdy cage or opt for a big spacious one.

It also rely on the type of travel you would be going on. This bird travel cage would work for short journeys.

3)      Plastic Bird Carrier

These bird carrier being the most common types are readily available at almost every bird shop. These cages are also used for transporting small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters and Guinea pigs. But don’t get yourself confused between the ones made for mammals and the ones made for birds specifically.

If you get the one made for mammals, then there is a slight chance your bird can bite into the bars to set itself free. Don’t buy these for long journeys. If you want a carrier to take to the vet then get this sort of a bird travel cage. These is an affordable options but you might face quality issues with this one. Probably the one where the bars get detached from the base.

4)      Steel Parrot Travel Cages

Well suited for long routes, especially for taking your pet overseas. This sort of steel parrot cage is the strongest one of all. Made from wrought iron steel, it’s spacious as well. Well, fit for medium-sized birds such as Amazon, Conures and even cockatoos, these are quite comfortable for your birds. Get the one which is the 19-inch length and 18 inches in depth.

This cage comes with two feeders and perches and takes up very little space, which means it’s perfect for road trips.

5)      Soft Sides Bird Travel Cages

These type of carriers are perfect for small to medium-sized birds such as cockatiels, love birds, conures etc. Coming with a removable perch, and a zipper this carrier is suitable for transporting birds on small routes. A mesh screen is used for cross ventilation inside the bag as well as for the visibility.

To clean out poop, it comes with a Velcro so that it can be easily disposed of—many people like putting in a newspaper or some other disposable fabric. The perch on it can be easily removed and adjusted whenever needed. Place a strong and a much bigger perch if you don’t find the smaller one suitable. It comes in a variety of patterns; hence, choose the one you desire the most.

Wrapping it All Up

Bird travel cages come in different types and designs. It could be quite challenging to choose the one best fitted for your bird. Hopefully, this guide will be of use. Read thoroughly and tell us what you think of it in the comment section down below.