The Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colours for Your Room

Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colours

The concept of Feng Shui in your bedroom may be unknown to you yet; it is something that can bring life to your room quickly. Before going through the impressive list of best Feng Shui bedroom colours, look forward to the Chinese concept. You may feel the charm and consider it like many others.


Basically, Feng Shui is an ancient architectural philosophy of the 1970s that emerged from China. It is popular among the western culture and primarily focuses on the artefacts in any room. People consider it most often for promoting a considerable amount of energy across the building.

Also, it highlights several pros and cons of the spatial arrangements of objects in every corner of the house. Either you are one of the beginners of Feng Shui bedroom designs for relaxation and calmness. Or you plan to add a modern look to your room. This concept can assist you once you understand it.

Colours and Your Bedroom

Colours and Your Bedroom

Master bedroom design majorly depends on the bed placement and bedding items. You may find Benson for Beds voucher codes and place the most comfortable headboard, bed frame, and mattress for your sleep. Yet, the right Feng Shui bedroom colours will enhance your idea and help you make things better.

As the basic concept of shades and colours, blue will always be a calming choice, and yellow will add happiness. Still, deciding the wall paints in your master bedroom, according to the Chinese philosophy, is fascinating.

Skin Tone Shades

The basic idea of using a skin tone colour for the room is preferable for maintaining a good Feng Shui bedroom plan for having a quality sleep time. This range of wall paints starts from pure white and successfully leads to dark chocolate brown offering you a marvellous collection.

Nonetheless, if you wish to dive deeper into the concept, look forward to some more shades. Finalise a colour that can enrich the happiness, harmony, and energy of your overall surroundings.

Shades of the Element Fire

The colours like red, red-yellow, red-orange, and similar ones are shades of ‘fire’. These are warm south area colours and enrich the energy of fame in your room. You can feel space bright, lovable, and dynamic by introducing such colours in your room.

As per the concept, you may be an unafraid and diplomatic person if you prefer this element. Also, adding such shades to your bedroom can light up romance and intimacy among the four walls.

Shades of the Element Earth

In the case of the ‘earth’ as an element, the Feng Shui bedroom colours are beige and cream. People with these shades in their room may have a loving and caring nature as per the concept.

If you plan to have a peaceful bedroom, go for this element. Individuals in this type of bedroom will feel nurturing and stable. These can enrich the concept of marriage and love if you opt for southeast colours. Also, it is preferable for enhancing self-cultivation and spiritual growth for northeast shades.

Shades of the Element Metal

The west and northwest Feng Shui bedroom colours revolve around the element ‘metal’. These compromise of gold, silver, bronze, white, grey, and metallic shimmer.  Structured individuals must consider this type of room as it adds a sense of organisation and fineness.

People occupying such spaces can most probably have a keen observation and exceptional communication. It is also because the concept explains metal objects as a key to boost up confidence.

Shades of the Element Water

Blue, black, and blue-green are the shades that explain the element ‘water’. These lie under the category of north area Feng Shui bedroom colours. As per the smooth flow of water, such type a room encourages the idea of enormous spaces for a spiritual connection.

In case you wish to strengthen a deeper connection between you and your significant other, opt for this element. Also, it supports occupants supporting wisdom.

Shades of the Element Wood

The combination of the south and southeast area adds to the colours of ‘wood’. These include brown, blue-green, and green. You can look forward to this type of bedroom if you have a supportive nature.

According to the concept of Feng Shui bedroom, this element adds flexibility and decisiveness in a person. It is the area of wealth and family. You may be able to support your partner better if your room lies in this area.

Final Thoughts

Incorporation of the overall Feng Shui bedroom colours may not offer you a perfect choice. It is upon an individual’s own selection of room décor. Come across the home and garden discounts if you wish to find the perfect colours for your bedroom. While some occupants may plan to repaint their rooms as per the concept. Others can also introduce slight shades of these colours for a change.

The overall idea depends on your way of applying it. Opt for your colour and wait for the results!