Best Hockey Equipment Players Need in Their Bags

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Hockey is a game of enthusiasm, zeal, and focus. You cannot keep your eyes off the goal while playing. While the goalie struggles in defending, other players watch out to undo his efforts. The huge impact of energy all over the stadium is not possible to deliver through words.

Now, what is the most critical factor required for playing this game? Teamwork may be an essential point. But, the best hockey equipment will always help you stand out as an athlete. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that pieces make up an ideal hockey bag.

No matter if you are aware of playing the sport properly. You cannot dribble the ball or stop the puck without good-quality hockey gear. Starting the game is mandatory for winning it. But, there are a little things you must learn about becoming a professional player.

Best Hockey Equipment For Players

If you visit a hockey store, it is difficult to understand what you need as a player. The gear for a goalie is different from the other team members. Nevertheless, if you are just a beginner, start from buying the standard equipment.

The Hockey Factory Shop discount codes are an ideal way to find essential gear for the game. Here is a collection of the best hockey equipment you can have in the bag.

Hockey Stick
Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is considered as the primary weapon of a player. Choosing the right stick will help you in learning its use. However, not everyone knows how to select a hockey stick. You have to be sure about the right size according to your height.

Below are ideal sizes for guiding you the proper ways of selecting one.

Height of Player (Ft) Length of Stick (In)
<3.9 28
3.9-4.2 30
4.2-4.4 32
4.5-5.0 34
5.0-5.2 35-35.5
5.3-5.7 36-36.5
>5.7 37-37.5


Hockey Shoes
Hockey Shoes

The selection of the best sports shoe depends on the surface you will play on. The three primary grounds where you can play include a grass field, an artificial turf, and an indoor court.

For players on a grass field, cleats make the best hockey equipment. These shoes have soles with larger studs. Therefore, it allows an athlete to grip better during quicker cuts and faster transitions.

In the case of artificial turf, none other than turf shoes can help. These have smaller turfs and perfect grip on this type of surface.

Finally, an indoor court requires court shoes. The soles of this shoe are ideal for gripping on smooth surfaces.

Mouth Guard

Undoubtedly, hockey, by definition is a non-contact sport. Nonetheless, it is crucial to wear a mouth guard during a hockey match. Its basic purpose is to protect the player from any external or internal injuries. There are chances of collision between the players, which can lead to such damages.

Shin Guards

The term shin guards resemble the best sports equipment of soccer. However, these are different from those of football. Hockey shin guards cover up a player’s entire ankle all the way below the knee cap. When you play field hockey, the puck and sticks directly hit your shins. Henceforth, it is mandatory to invest in good quality shin guards.

Hockey Stick Bag

Most often, people do not give importance to a stick bag in the hockey gear. However, if you are buying the best hockey equipment, it will help in carrying multiple sticks at a time.

Rash Guards

There is no point of excluding socks during the game. Undeniably, they slip under your shoes for protection. However, rash guards are unique hockey socks that go under your shin guards. These prevent your skin from continually rubbing against the shin guards.

Electrical Tape

It is weird to consider electric tape among sports equipment. Nonetheless, it is necessary to have it for playing hockey. It is because wrapping the bottom of your hockey stick prevents it from wears and tears. Also, beginners can use it for stopping the ball firmly.

Grip Tape
Grip Tape

Hockey players must carry a grip tape in their bags. It is mandatory for those who play the game regularly. An athlete can understand that a grip wears off quickly. Henceforth, as a sportsperson, you must keep an alternate pair of hockey stick grips for the game.

Ball or Puck

The best hockey equipment cannot complete without a ball or puck. Ice hockey players must own a puck for training whereas players of field hockey require a personal ball. Both of these are rubber-like and dense. These travel quickly on a single hit.

Final Thoughts

These are primary pieces of a player’s best hockey equipment. You cannot play the game rightly without any of these. Use online sports and outdoors voucher codes to save on these and play!