Top Meme Maker Apps in 2022

Best Meme Maker Apps

The best meme maker apps generally help you in making free memes by using a single picture from your gallery. The internet includes a myriad of meme generator apps. These are available on Play Store and iTunes store. You can use these to make memes simply on your smartphone.

Most of the memes app discussed here are free of cost. Meme makers can smoothly add funny faces, smileys, and texts in their memes. Also, meme-making apps allow you to customise texts freely. A few of the meme generator applications will also help you in creating animated GIFs plus stickers.

10 Best Meme Maker Apps for SmartPhone

Here is a fine collection of the best meme maker apps to entertain Android and iPhone users in 2022.

1- Memedroid – Meme Maker App

Compatibility – Android only

Memedroid is the best memes app you need in 2022. It is more like a community of people who laugh and make others laugh. Its features are inclusive of a perfect meme template library which provides all mandatory text tools. It also supports a user in uploading personal images and GIFs.

Also, the Memedroid application is a marvellous resource to make memes with new templates. It is because the app keeps updating continually. The multilingual application helps you make memes in Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and English. Its only disadvantage is that it keeps crashing several times.

2- Mematic – Memes App

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Mematic is a brilliant best meme creator app that you can use. It shows approx. 1M downloads on Google Play and 10M on iTunes. The app is designed to make memes freely without much effort.

It provides no picture editing options but if full of essential text formatting tools. Downloading this meme generator application will offer you access to a world of classic memes. Here, you get the opportunity to add captions in it.

The UI of this memes app is easy-to-use. Also, it owns a ‘Tenor’ search option and allows easy sharing. However, the app’s access slows can at times, and all its features are accessible only in the pro version. These are the two major disadvantages that you need to know.

3- InstaMeme – Meme Maker App

Compatibility – Android and iOS

InstaMeme, as per its name, is related to Instagram. It is one of the best meme maker apps which allows social sharing. The meme generator application permits you to generate millions of memes on your smartphone.

Users can simply share their memes on Instagram after creation. Also, you can edit any of the images in your gallery and transform it into funniest ever memes. There are ninety built-in memes available in this app.

4- Simple Meme Creator

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Simple Meme Creator is the best memes app with a user-friendly interface for android and iOS users. By using its features, you can get a chance to generate unique memes firmly. Also, it provides you the chance to customise the text.

You can create funny texts in certain fonts through this meme maker. Individuals can add pictures and successfully edit the font, size, and colour of each image. All you have to do is visit your gallery to start adding pictures and make memes.

5- Simple Meme Generator

Compatibility – Android only

Simple Meme Generator is another memes app for creating high-quality hilarious GIFs as well as memes. Start by importing any of your favourite pictures in the gallery for a good laugh.

The memes photo editor app allows you to edit every picture by adding funny text on the top and bottom. It is a user-friendly meme maker app and is flexible enough to customise the text, colour, and fonts of each meme.

Its only disadvantage is the watermark that creates soon after you learn how to make a meme.

6- Memeto – Memes App

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Memeto is considered to be one of the best meme maker apps for creating funny pictures on your phone. It offers an easy-to-use UI with a myriad of options for image editing like Photoshop.

The app helps make memes through numerous unique photo editor tools. It is a free version that allows meme-makers to create funny images smoothly. Similar to the other best meme generator application, you can create memes by importing pictures free of cost.

7- Best Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Meme Generator is another application to help you make memes in your smartphone quickly. It consists of 1000 built-in memes with numerous captions. Here, you get the chance to customise these memes freely.

By using one of its features, users can hilariously change the hair of objects in every picture. You can customise videos and photos through this memes maker. Also, it offers the option of text customisation.

The most preferable feature of this memes app is that it gives a user control over the frame rate, speed, and repetition of every GIF. Plus, it lets you know the details of every meme available in the library.

8- Memes Maker Pro

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Memes Maker Pro is the best meme maker apps of all free meme generator applications. It allows you to edit and make memes free of cost. Some of the enlisted meme templates in this app are Scumbag Steve, Socially Awkward Penguin, and Successive Kid.

The app helps you import multiple pictures from the gallery and add or edit text, colour, and size.

9- 9GAG – Meme Maker App

Compatibility – Android and iOS

9GAG is another popular memes app which helps you create funny images and edit them free of cost. It consists of a vast collection of free background images. These help users in generating pictures easily on their iPhones and Androids.

The generation of funny memes, images, and GIFs has never been this easier. Later on, it lets you share the comical memes with others on any social networking websites.

10- Tumblr

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Tumblr is not limited to the meme generation. As you know, it is a popular social networking platform. Henceforth, you can firmly create your account and start posting videos or pictures on your profile.

The application offers a myriad of options for photo editing and GIF creation. You can customise your memes and funny images here by editing the font, size, and colour.

Also, it lets users add amusing stickers to their memes. Besides meme-making, the app also allows people to browse for memes.


These are the best meme maker apps you can find on the web. Most of these help you learn how to make memes. You can browse for more if you like. Nonetheless, the names above are enough to roll on the floor with a single edit!