Gourmets Guide: A New List for the Best Restaurants in London 2020

Best Restaurants in London

London is popular for its dining opportunities. You will never get over the adventures of its restaurants. With tasty cuisine, people love to explore their varieties of food. Gourmet quality food is not easy to find everywhere when you are on holiday. However, the best cuisines in London when you are on a trip or while residing in this capital bring a sparkling charm. You can savour your taste buds in the best restaurants in London on almost every street in this city.

The Best Restaurants in London

best restaurants in London

If you are new to this attractive capital of England, look below for a new list of all the top restaurants in London. Find food and beverages discount codes for almost all of these and enjoy the taste.

The Barbary

Going to The Barbary is an excellent option at dinner time. It is one of the midrange best new restaurants and lets everyone in if you have a seat reserved. The best time to visit here is around 5 o’clock when you can book a table. Grilled food is famous here, and people are crazy about the deep-fried snacks.

The restaurant brings old ancient recipes from all over North America and the Middle East on your table. You can visit here with family and feel positive about the music and laughter that goes on.

Smoke and Salt

Food lovers will love to taste the delicious dishes of this midrange restaurant in London. It is recognised for the combo for flatbread and parsnip with pickled garlic, apple, and mouth-watering burnt yeast cream. You will find a ravishing class here and love its location in a shipping container.

Individuals often visit here to enjoy the taste of butter octopus nuggets with salsify in a full cream shell containing blood orange accents on either side. It is one of the trendy restaurants in London for its serving and value.


Are you in love with pasta? Then, try it from one of the best restaurants in London and savour your cravings. The affordable eatery is everything about pasta. Gobble pasta all day, especially during the early morning hours after you are back from the gym. Two plates of tasty pasta will boost up your energy.

You will find Padella as an attractive and satisfying spot to eat the best lunch in London. The dish is prepared in front of the customers and helps people enjoy the appetising smell. It is interesting to try all sizes and shapes of pasta here.

Tandoor Chop House

Indian food lovers always enjoy this savouring midrange eatery in the state of London. Travellers make the most of their trips here and feel home with the delicious malt Kulfi ice cream topped with peanuts and caramelised bananas. Most of the travel discount codes from travel operators cover the best Indian restaurants in London when you are on vacation.

From the mouth-watering seekh kebabs to the savoury keema naan, people are crazy about almost all of the food here. It has a café-style décor, and you will definitely love its interior while enjoying the laughter and taste.

Smoking Goat Shoreditch

People emotionally attached to Thai cuisine must visit here. It is one of the top restaurants in London that will remind you of Thailand while eating. You can walk-in and order its smoking hot barbecue with a bowl of fried rice. Plan a dinner here with your family only if you are fond of smoke, music, and noise.

Spice is the ambience of this eatery; therefore; make sure you know who to take with you. Order for few beers with its signature chicken wings with fish sauce and guzzle the best food in London for savouring your taste buds.


From any corner of the world, you can visit this contemporary global restaurant to enjoy its fusion food. The place is named after Ramael Scully, an eponymous chef raised in Sydney with Malaysia as his birthplace. You will find the best fusion food here for the chef comes from an Indian/Chinese mother and a Balinese/Irish father.

With much fusion in his blood, enjoy the tomato salad consisting of green strawberries and grated coconut. Its green chilli flecked yoghurt is famous in town, and you can taste a bite whenever you wish.


People fond of varieties will love this Burmese style restaurant in London and enjoy its delicious food every hour of the day. It is decorated in muted grey paintwork with wood and modern, attractive upholstery. Most often, gourmets believe Burmese food as a combination of Thai and Indian flavours.

You can taste the signature zingy salad with hake fillet and enjoy it with the special sauce. It is an excellent eatery with much space for a group of friends to gather and party. Order your favourite food and keep eating.

Bocca Di Lupo

A midrange eatery popular as one of the best restaurants in London is something only lucky people can come across. When hungry, you run for food and settle in almost every chair to find a meal. However, if you get the opportunity to satisfy your cravings when starving, places like the Bocca Di Lupo will always delight you.

You may get excited to find celebrities dining in this Italian restaurant. Nonetheless, remember to make a booking if you do not want to get short of tables. The place has a warm ambience with chefs cooking at the counter. However, you can book for the dining room if you like.

Westerns Laundry

Of all the best restaurants in London, you cannot miss this contemporary European eating place. It gives you the calmness and relaxation of the capital of Europe with a local feeling as soon as you walk in. One must stick to its Caesar type salad for trying the signature taste of it.

The eatery owns attraction and style in the case of its interiors. You will adore its open kitchen, blackboard menu, and communal tables. There is nothing like classy and elegant about this place if you enter in a pair of jeans and eat.


From the best restaurants in London, you will love this Indian cuisine every day. It is more a Sri-Lankan eatery with its egg-topped pancakes and delicious curries. This spot can give you the exact taste of what South Indian food can be in the capital of Europe. Love it for its pocket-friendliness and enjoy it.

Food lovers’ fond of spice and drinks will never get over the taste of this eatery. Surely, you cannot afford to miss its beef rolls and chilli sauce once you get the taste of it. Keep in mind; only spice gourmets will adore the spot.

Savouring In the State of London

Savouring in some of the best restaurants in London is easiest as it seems. You can find top eateries on every street in this city. Undoubtedly, the capital of Europe is a place for food lovers because of countless reasons. Whenever you plan a trip, make sure to taste the maximum number of cuisines possible.