A Glance at the Best Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2020

Upcoming Hollywood Movies

The upcoming Hollywood movies of 2020 are a vital part of the entertainment industry. With every intimidating adventure that awaits in the intimidating New Year, you can arrange your to-do-list and mark down the names of some movies as a must-watch.

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Horrifying Haunts and Everything Scary

2020 is going to have a spooky bundle of horror Hollywood movies in line. Some of the most awaited ones are mentioned here.

The Grudge

A common name in the haunts of Hollywood industry is grudge. With its latest movie releasing on January 03, 2020, you can watch the best movie once again.

Start booking advanced tickets before the movie hits theatres with the beginning of the year. Grudge is all about haunted houses and their deadening tricks to bring goose bumps to every watcher.


It is going to be a blockbuster for many reasons in 2020. Among the new Hollywood movies of 2020, this horror film has fan’s favorite Kristen Stewart starring in it.

The movie is going to haunt theatres on January 10, 2020. Twitter had already highlighted the movie since August 2019. With 15+ tweets on the upcoming film, its trailer crosses 5.4 Million views.

The Turning

This movie is adapted from a novella by Henry James namely, ‘The Turn of the Screw.” It will be launching on screen on January 24, 2020. IMDb had discussed its trailer and storyline and added to the interest of viewers.

With the release of its trailer, enormous online stores had been offering entertainment discount codes for latest Hollywood movies.

Gretel & Hansel

Snapchat has shared an incredibly cool World Lens for the movie that may attract every Twitter fan right before the movie adds another set of horrors to the famous story of Hansel and Gretel.

All set to release on January 30, 2020; you can once again watch the story of a brother and sister trapped into a veiled set of horrors.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is all set to hit theatres on February 06, 2019. You will watch the movie breaking records with a bunch of guests on a tropical resort solving mysteries to save their lives.

It is an adaptation from a popular TV show of the ‘70s that revolved around a magical island resort.

The Invisible Man

Invisible turns intolerable when horror movies focus on it keenly. While latest Hollywood movie fans have estimated an idea about The Invisible Man; twitter confirmed its haunt with on November 07, 2019.


IMDb has given it a 5.2-star rating out of 10 unless it enters theatres on February 28. 2020. You can find advance tickets on a lot of online stores and avail discount for watching the movie.

More to Latest Upcoming Movies

There are a lot more new Hollywood movies that are about to release in 2020. From the best adventure comedy starring your favourite Robert Downey Jr. in Dolittle, you can watch the best action pack and interesting Birds of Prey revolving around fans favourite Harley Quinn and much more from Marvel.

Do not wait for the latest upcoming movies of 2020 to launch on screens start booking for tickets now and add more to this year.