Common Fashion Trends We Never Thought We’d Try!

Common Fashion Trends

The world is moving on a pace unknown to men, and everything that holds humans together is transforming at light-speed. Smartphones have replaced desktops as well as laptops; compressing world in your palm – every electrical device is smarter than us. When fashion is in consideration, it’s continuously changing, innovations and new trends incorporating in a wardrobe. The thing about common fashion trends is, it comes like a hurricane and leave like lightning. One day cheetah print will graze the front magazine covers, and in a week, there will be no trace of it.

The past decade, when compared, has been challenging and weird for common fashion trends. Some trends where so bizarre that you’ll ask yourself as to how come any sane person can wear this? From bandana worn as shirts, shutter shades, and Uggs; we’re quite happy that such fashion trends are gone for good.

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Five Common Fashion Trends Thought We’d  Never Try, ever!

Keep scrolling and find out more about these trends:

1.      Visors Are Back In Fashion – But Not For The Right Reasons

Visors are cool, really; but they are, after all, an outside item while playing tennis or golf; or when the sun is scorching you to the ground. You should not wear visors indoors, nor in cloudy weather. A weird fashion – but a fashion trend, and famous nonetheless.

2.      Logo Embroidered Trousers Are a Big No!

Not every fashion is for us, nor every trend is supposed to be in our wardrobe. Logo embroidered trousers are a big No. Designers experiment with new styles and clothing; there are high chances they’ll not recommend you to wear these clothes out as well. There are high chances you’ll fail to pull the embroidered trouser look; unlike women who can pair it with their fancy shirts.

3.      Sneakers Are Not the Best Choice to Wear On Any Occasion         

Hottest trend yet not a favourable one. Sneakers are the weirdest fashion trend among all. Both men and women had paired them with unthinkable clothes: women wearing them on sun-dresses or men matching them with formal attire.

If you’re a fan of athleisure, we suggest you go for the classic and contemporary sneakers, not this one as it is difficult to clean these sneakers afterwards.

4.      Skinny Jeans Are Not for Men

Skinny Jeans

Comfort is critical for buying clothing articles. Skinny jeans though females wore more often, are quite uncomfortable for men. These jeans will hinder your movements; it’ll be hard for you to bend, or sit down on pavements; and other such physical movements.

5.      Crocs, No Doubt Comfortable – But Not Ideal

A day planned for a shopping spree, or running several errands; crocs seem to be perfect footwear. Crocs are comfortable, but not ideal footwear for outdoor. Though they feel soft while walking around the mall, it’ll be hard for you to make this footwear look pleasant to the eye. My advice, wear em only while you’re at your own house.

In a Glance

Remember, fashions trends aren’t for everyone. In fact, nowadays, many fashion designers simply launch new clothing lines for specific segments of the population. That means you don’t really have to try or spend money on every ‘new arrival’ stock that you see. Instead, you should go for trends that you’re comfortable with. Believe me; it would be a shame to put on something just for the sake of it become a laughing clown in the next party to go to.