Coronavirus News: Disease Gets PANDEMIC After UK Cases Rise To 596


As per the news from BBC, COVID-19 has been declared as ‘Pandemic’ after the number of UK cases rise to 596. Shocking, the number of positive cases reported on Thursday in the United Kingdom skyrocketed to 100. Unfortunately, ten people have recently died of the disease.

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK has taken a toll on the health minister Nadine Dorries. The 56-year-old declares to stay at home and attend all her further meetings on the phone. However, she is worried about her 83 years mother who lives with her.

The 100 people reported are the biggest rise in this country since the first case reported in January 2020. Also, a British man has died in Japan in the last month after he was infected at the diamond cruise ship. Similarly, a British woman of 53 in Bali succumbed to death finalising the number of British causalities to twelve.

The director-general of WHO has declared it ‘pandemic’ also stopped short of globally labelling the disease as a worldwide pandemic as it will ‘spark fear.’

For this reason, NHS in England is all set to test 10,000 members nationwide on a regular basis. The number of total coronavirus outbreak cases reported in the UK includes 491 in England, 20 in Northern Ireland, 60 in Scotland, 91 in London, 25 in wales, and 51 in the south-east, making it the second highly infected area.

Currently, there are 125,000 cases of coronavirus outbreak globally infecting 114 countries. It has killed 4,600 patients till the current date.