Even Lady Gaga, Zac Efron & Kourtney Kardashian Lure Over Saving Bucks Sometimes – Couponing is for Everyone


Glamorous Celebrities ranging from TV personalities to famous movie stars are known to make millions. But we are not here to talk about their wasted, spoiled habits neither all of them spend like other rich folks. Some clip coupons while others have openly fessed up their frugal practice in public. But nothing random, we are talking here about celebs that make insane money from Kourtney Kardashian to Lady Gaga.

As the old adage goes; how do you know that a celeb is frugal with money and a coupon clipper? It’s simple, they tell you about it.

For some elites, couponing stems from humble upbringing while other despite earnings millions appreciate the value of a dollar saved. On the other hand, getting your hands on a valid coupon is undoubtedly exciting especially when the deals are as interesting as Cleverboxes Voucher Code!

Here are some of the couponers that you’d love to hear about.

Lady Gaga

To fans and followers, Lady Gaga opened up about her couponing interest with a tweet and no one could past it scrolling. She said that there is no point to look at her like crazy when she tries to save at grocery store using coupons or bargains at retail. That means when Gaga is not all dressed up like a doughnut, she is at some sales rack, couponing. The deal finder in her born somehow due to her NY upbringing, she said.

Kourtney Kardashian

It’s totally understood that why most people don’t admire the lure associated with Kardashians today, but there is this about ‘Kourtney’ that is quite interesting – She is a big time couponer. But again, for people as extra as Kardashians, the couponing game cannot be simpky or savings only. Kourtney mentions that she is not a coupon clipper for the sole purpose if saving, the thrill behind is quite entertaining and in Las Vegas it’s like winning.

Kristen Bell

The actress love coupons! On this talkshow Conan she told the comedian that she is very frugal! She also mentioned that most of the time she exclusively sops with coupons and uses a lot of them. Regardless of how rich you are, paying full price for anything that everyone’s is paying less for doesn’t make any sense after all.

Hilary Swank

This girl has an estimated worth of around $40 million yet she is seen couponing at grocery stores. According to her, this frugalness is rooted from how she was raised and it’s not possible to let go of this habit as it’s quite entertaining and money savvy at the same time.

These were some coupon clippers among celebrities now let’s take a look at other ideals from the world of glam who were seen budgeting despite owning millions.

Here are some crazy facts about glamorous celebrities that might leave you with a dropped jaw.

There are celebs that chose to drive sensibly like Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Efron. Jennifer opted for a more environment friendly option and has owned a Chevy Volt and Volkswagen, both are under $35,000, despite having enough fortune for much fancier options. Zac continued driving a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero – his first car, past his High School Musical days until 2010. Later in a 2014 charity auction he gave it away.

He wedding industrial complex has led the glamorous celebrities and regular people on the same page – the altar of expense. That’s not the case with Dex Shephard and spouse Kristen Bell. Dex admitted to Jimmy Kemmel that their wedding cost rounded up around a grand total of $142!

Here comes the most interesting one. After this you might never rethink about growing up in your elder sibling or cousin’s shirts and sweaters. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker’s child, James Wilkie, grew up in hand-me-downs too. In 2008, she told Parade Magazine that she rarely buys him new clothes as she has older nephews and her mother also saved all her brother’s clothes. Winter coats and shoes are an exception though.