Smashing Couponing Myths for Big Savings this Year


It is no secret that discount codes and promo codes uk help you save some serious cash but there are many misconceptions about couponing that minimises the savings. We have tried to bust some of them for you so that you can get the maximum advantage of promo codes 2019.

Item Bought On Coupons Can’t Be Sold

It is a myth; obviously, you can always sell the products you have bought through coupons unless it has been specified otherwise by the coupon which is rare. It is within the rights of a customer to sell any product they own despite the fact that it is bought on coupon or not.

Legal issues may surface if you fail to declare the profits on your taxes though. So, when you are selling abiding by the two significant rules; 1 following the terms mentioned on coupons, and 2 claiming the profits on taxes, there is no danger.

Coupon Fraud Can Be Avoided Through Coupon Clipping Services

This is the biggest lie in couponing. All coupons have a non-transferability clause. This clause includes selling discount codes and promo codes uk, buying them, or even giving them to a friend or relative. Apart from transferability clause, there are various other reasons you shouldn’t be purchasing the tokens. It violates the policy of a manufacturer is one thing but is there any sense in paying for what is supposed to be free?

The sites offering coupon clipping services often claim that they are not selling coupons instead they are getting paid for their mailing and clipping services. Even then the promo codes 2019 and tokens are transferred to you which is a violation of non-transferability clause. Such codes and tickets are void and redeeming a void coupon can get you in trouble as it constitutes redemption fraud.

No Coupons On Clearance Items

Who said? If you have a promo codes 2019 for an item which is already on clearance, consider this your lucky day and enjoy the double discount. The store will definitely get reimbursed from the manufacturer regardless of the clearance pricing.

As Many Copies Can Be Printed As We Like

Some people believe that if a coupon comes as a pdf file or in any other printable format, it can be printed as many times as they want. Very few people realise that printing multiple copies of a similar coupon is a fraud. Most of the times the printable tokens have a limit of how many can be printed out from one computer.

Couponing Takes Loads Of Time

The truth is it can take as long as you want it to. It depends on you how much time you want to dedicate for couponing.

Couponing Means Extreme Only

No, it is again not true. You can spend a couple of hours weekly and save a good amount. It is relative, and it is a lie that it is not beneficial unless you are an extreme couponer.

Stores Face Loss Due To Coupons

No store lose any money when they accept manufacturer’s coupons, in fact, they are credited from the manufacturers. It may take time to get reimbursed, but they do get it.

Some stores offer their own coupon which is obviously not reimbursed by the manufacturer. Store coupons do make stores lose some money, but they are considered as a paid advertisement because they are aimed to get more customers.

Coupons Can’t Be Used At Self Checkouts

A myth again. Many stores allow to scan the coupons or discount codes and promo codes uk even at the self-checkouts. There might be some differences in the policies of the stores though.

Couponing Is Not Fun

Hell no! It is one of the most enjoyable money-saving activities and great pass time. Imagine the hours spend on collecting tickets can actually pay off and what’s better than getting paid for a hobby?

Bottom Line

These are some of the common couponing myths that we heard and tried to debunk. Couponing is as fun as you want it to be and as boring as you make it. The choice is yours how you go about it.