Coronavirus News: David Cameron Tweets for Boris Johnson’s Recovery

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The former prime minister of UK David Cameron tweets for the recovery of Boris Johnson. He says, “My thoughts and prayers are with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his family.

He believes Boris Johnson is a very tough, very resilient, and fit person who must remain on number 10 because everyone wants him to be there. Also, he added, “I know he’ll want to get well and get back in charge again.

With a deep though for his recovery, the former prime minister thinks, “He is doing a tremendous job, and obviously, we all want him back in there.

While Boris Johnson is fighting his life in the ICU after meeting Coronavirus symptoms, he is “stable” in intensive care in the hospital. Currently, Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary is deputising for him wishing Johnson to recover soon.

The acting prime minister says in a conference that his boss was ‘a fighter’ and would surely get back to work ‘in short order’.

Boris Johnson further received wishes from the Queen and other members of the royal family besides the trending tweet from David Cameron.

Prime Minister UK has been fighting after experiencing the Coronavirus symptoms. His urge to get back is appreciating and idealising. Residents are advised to follow what David Cameron pinned in his tweet on March 23rd, 2020.