Best 7 Easter Decor Tips On A Budget in 2019

Easter Decor Tips

Easter is definitely all about colours, spring, and fun. We understand, sometimes our budget doesn’t allow us to have a blast every holiday, but we want to have fun none the less. For times like that, we have smart tips and hacks which are frugal and can your Easter blossom like the flowers outside. One of the most important advice is to make use of voucher codes as much as you can rest you can read below.

DIY Easter

Your kids will also want to have all the goodies and accessories their friends have for the holiday. It can be expensive, and you may not have a budget for that so, try to put your art skills to test this year.

Bunny Hats To Make Them Hop With Joy

Purchase paper plates and use them to make bunny ears caps for the tiny members of the family. Pick a white paper plate and draw bunny ears on the bottom. Make sure that the ears are out of the inner rim of the plate. Colour them as you like before cutting them out. Take scissors or a craft knife to cut out the ears and inner rim. Fold the ears out to make them stand. The hat is ready.

A Bunny Lunch Bag Surprise

Get a brown paper bag and pom poms to surprise kiddos with a bunny lunch bag. Fold the paper bag in half and draw a diagonal line towards the folded side from the top edge. Make a cut on the line you have drawn. Fill it up with candies, or lunch, or any of the Easter goodies, tie it up and stick a pom-pom ball as a cute little fluffy bunny tail.

Popsicle Stick Fun

Take some popsicle sticks and turn them into the fun objects. They can be used to make amazing Easter decorations. You can make a basket by sticking these sticks together with a transparent glue, or you can make cute chicks by attaching pom-pom balls. It requires a little bit of creativity and internet searching for the ideas.

Frugal Easter Stamps

Many times school asks for an Easter project, or your child may insist on getting an Easter stamp. You may get that thing at lower prices by redeeming voucher codes UK but don’t you think codes should be redeemed for something more useful? As far as the stamps are concerned, you can make them at home using potatoes. Yes! You read it right we wrote potatoes. Cut the potato in two halves and make designs on the inners sides by cutting with a knife. Apply different colours on the potato according to the design you have made and stamp, stamp, stamp.

Cost Free Easter Wreath

Kids enjoy making things that are going to be hung at the doors or anywhere in the house. They take great pride in seeing their hand made objects being hanged as a medal. Get some colourful leftover wrapping sheets, wallpapers, glue, scissors, and a string. Asks your little ones to help you out in making Easter wreaths. Draw large size eggs with a marker on the wrapping sheets, and wallpapers then cut them out. Now, stick them to a string with the glue and make a bow on the top. Hang this wreath on your front door.

The Crayon Party

I don’t know what it is with kids and crayons that they can’t go together. I guess the fault is of crayons here so, give them a proper lesson this year by allowing children to break all the crayons. This is a cool idea, and you’ll love the results too. Once the kiddos are done crushing their mortal enemies, place the wreckage in bunny moulds and bake for 20 minutes. After baking place them in the freezer for an hour. The usable bunny multicoloured crayons are ready. You can even purchase cheap crayons in bulk using voucher codes UK if you don’t already have many at home.

Wrap Up

These are only a few ideas to make Easter fun and frugal. We are sure a little strain on the brain, and you’ll be able to think more creative things to do this Easter. We all go through times when we have to strap our wallets shut, but we can’t make our little angels understand this. So, just try to make things magical for them as much as you can before they are adults. Trust us; it won’t take long for them to grow up!