Five Creative and Cool Ways to Use Discount Codes

discount codes

If you are clueless how coupon codes came to life, let me take you back in time. The first ever newspaper discount code was introduced by none other than our favorite beverage company, Coca-Cola. The coupon code holder can get a free drink by showing it to their nearby supermarket.

And that was just the beginning of things! Over the century many top brands also used this strategy to lure more customers into buying their products. However, modern couponers are now looking for digital voucher codes as they don’t have the time or interest in reading newspapers just for the sake of coupons. Although, it’ll take you much more than a simple free drink coupon to attract new prospects and retain old ones.

1. Join Hands

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Two is better than one”! In the couponing industry, this saying is entirely correct. You can’t expect a modern day customer to buy from you if you use the same old tricks in the book.

Instead, give them more then what they expect. That means, join hands with another company to introduce a combined offer that provides both products together. This will definitely attract a customer as they’ll get a bundle of goods with a joint promo code.

2. Combine Old-School With New

Come up with something new and different. Couponing may have turned in to a dull process of promo code hunting on free coupon websites. For example, instead of getting featured on these sites, create your own domain that has a QR code to avail the discount and takes subscriptions. That way, apart from getting new prospects you’ll also build your database for future marketing purposes.

3. Sign Up for Premium Service

Are your voucher codes getting listed on most of the free coupon websites? Well, as good as it may sound, it isn’t enough. You aren’t the only one getting your coupons listed. Many other businesses are also doing that. Therefore, there are strong chances of your vouchers to get lost in this collection.

Wondering how to make your offer appear at the top? By signing up for their premium service. With a small fee, you can get your deal to appear at the top of all others. In addition, you can also ask the admin to feature your brand on the homepage. This will not only gain you new customers but will also market your brand.

4. Take Help from Influencers

Who’s your favorite movie star? Tom Cruise? Jackie Chan? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Whoever they are, will you buy something they tell you to? Most people would! Over the years, top movie stars and market leaders have always been used to advertise a brand and encourage followers to buy from it.

You can also do that. If you don’t have the budget to handle the expense of a top movie star, there are many more influencers that can make a difference. Maybe you can ask a blogger, athlete or even a socially active personnel in your neighborhood. All you have to do is sometimes give them a reasonable offer and convince them to say something like Ski world Promotion Code on their social profiles.

5. Don’t Walk Off the Line

If you are running a business on beverages, how can you expect customers to get attracted if you introduce a Ski world Promotion Code? It simply won’t make any sense. In fact, most loyal customers may not even be interested in going on a ski trip.

Therefore, we advise all companies to introduce relevant voucher codes to their market niche. That way, a high probability of your target audience will utilize the promo code and share it within their social circle.

Money savvy hobbies in combination with smart coupon usage can guide you through a frugal lifestyle. In long run, you can expect to save bucks equivalent to the cost of that new car that you’ve been planning to upgrade to .