Frugal Meal Plan To Save Money On Food

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Aren’t we all always trying to save some money? Don’t we almost always end up with zero? Food is the one thing that we spend a lot on and rightly so because the food is life. However, without having a proper meal plan, we end up having too much on our plates which is not needed and adds up to our non-saving habits. Eating out is the main culprit behind it so, let’s note down some tips to eat at home and stick to the plan.

Add Realistic Meals Only

Let’s begin with being super realistic because otherwise, it is not going to work. Don’t over exhaust yourself by trying to add all the exotic meals that you plan to prepare someday in this meal plan. It is not a vacation ‘things to do’ chart it is for your regular days when you are tired and spent. Ask yourself are you really ready to spend two hours in the kitchen after work five days a week? If the answer is ‘maybe’ take it as a no!

Start With What You Have

Begin with looking into what you already have in stock. You may have more food than you realise. See if you can prepare a meal out of the ingredients that you have in stock or if a few are short. Have a look at the discount voucher codes if you have any for the groceries. If you happen to have any good, but if you don’t try to get your hands on few as they are the best way to save on grocery items.

The Buying Guide

Once you have the discount codes or coupons, fill in your stock with the ingredients you are short of and which you use regularly. This is an effective way to avoid trips to the store every time you are about to cook.

After you are done looking in your pantry grab weekly ads for the groceries stores you visit. There will be some items on sale look them up and try to think about the meals you can prepare using those sale items. This will not only save you cash, but it will also help you get the ideas about what to cook when you run out of them.

Stop Wasting Leftovers

Don’t waste the leftovers. You are going to have leftovers no matter how less you cook. Try to have a leftover night at home that keeps one dinner for leftovers and doesn’t cook anything new that day. Leftovers can also be used for the lunches.

Breakfast Plan

Try to keep the breakfast simple nothing fancy or overly expensive. Oatmeal or eggs are the best options as there are several discount voucher codes available throughout the year so, both can be bought in bulk to save some bucks. Keep pancakes and waffles for the weekends.

Use The Remaining Ingredients Somewhere Else

Try not to waste any ingredients for say you have prepared something with spinach, and now you have leftover spinach; use it in a smoothie or prepare a salad using it. It will minus the amount on your grocery bill because you’ll be only buying what you actually need.

Snacks On The Go

On most occasions, we result in eating out because we are out for something else and it’s time to eat, or we get hungry. To avoid this unplanned eating out always pack snacks whenever you are heading out of the house.

You can pack something that you have cooked the previous night or bake some cookies and keep them in an airtight jar to take with you for your trips. This will last you until you have run all the errands and home again.

Bottom Line

See, how easy it is to make a proper meal plan? It helps a lot with the savings as you go out less often to eat and the plan also helps in saving in the grocery bills. The catch it to make a plan for a month because when you make weekly plans on weekends, there is a high possibility that you won’t get time and then there will be no plan for the week.

Even if you are not convinced that this will work with you what’s the harm in trying? So, give it a try you may succeed and will be able to start saving.