£20 Million Donated By the UK For Funding Coronavirus Cure


    The deadly spreading coronavirus reaches the total number of deaths in China by 361. While the current cases now are around 17K, the UK government has taken a role in developing a vaccine for coronavirus. Currently, 11 billion Britons have landed back to the UK from Wuhan – the capital of Hubei province and the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Infectious disease experts will use this fund for producing this vaccine within the next six to eight months. Scottish molecular geneticist Dr Kate Broderick based in California, is putting all efforts to provide a cure as soon as possible. He works for the pharmaceutical firm Inovio and told the times,

    ‘We have the opportunity to save some lives on the basis that we do this as fast as we can.’

    World Health Organization has categorized the outbreak of coronavirus as a global health emergency after its cases confirmed in Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom as well.

    We hope to get the final product into human testing by early summer’, Dr Broderick told the BBC.

    The first two victims of the coronavirus in the UK include a student of York University and one of their relatives. They are currently being treated at a particular hospital in Newcastle.

    Latest figures from the National Health Commission of China on Monday concluded 21,558 suspected cases while 152,700 are still ‘under medical watch.’