22 Petrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try In 2020

halloween makeup ideas

The spine-chilling festival of the year is back to hunt you down. Yes, with Halloween knocking around the corner, it is high time to start planning. Gather your Halloween makeup ideas for 2020 and finalise your scary character now. Putting back the finishing touches of your frightening costume to fit your makeup takes time. Only a really scary Halloween makeup contour will bring the blood-curdling look. So, avoid wasting on an expensive costume just to fail in scaring your neighbours.

Spend some pretty Halloween makeup ideas on your perfect face and get ready to scare your Instagram #HalloweenMakeup2020 picture this October!

Stun Done With Scary Halloween Makeup Looks

Scary makeup is always the best bet for a casual last-minute Halloween costume. You may not be able to play The Nun this year, but not every makeup is about Harley Quinn or Joker. No matter if most of the trick or treat gatherings are cancelled.

Arrange your last-minute Halloween party on the video call and join your league in pretty Halloween makeup ideas. Browse Pinterest or Instagram for Halloween face ideas and play with paints all month.

Social media is the ultimate inspiration for transforming your look. Therefore, here is an appealing collection of hair-raising makeup ideas for your Halloween 2020 party!

Shape Shifter Shelob from Mordor

What if Shelob from Lord of the Rings would transform into a killer lady for the feed? It would look a bit like this form wrapping Frodo to a feast. It is the perfect look for fiction lovers this Halloween. Keep glitters on your web and find a toy spider to search your prey.

Indigo Bingo Clown Makeup

Halloween makeup ideas are not about portraying a character only. Find the clown makeup ideas on Instagram for this look. Her eyes are an ultimate charm for the Halloween party 2020. Make sure to tie your hair as she did and keep scaring.

Gem Skull Halloween Makeup

Halloween is incomplete without the skull makeup look. It is the most popular of all Halloween face ideas every year. Get creative and send some shine down the spine with gems and stickers on the face. Also, you can get a purple hair dye if you are not into the pink dolly shades.

Harley Quinn Skull Makeup

Define pretty Halloween makeup ideas in real this year. Play with colours like Harley Quinn and recreate the skull Halloween makeup in pink. You may find your Joker on Instagram this year so get alert with your baseball bat!

Floral Fantasy Halloween Queen

Be the perfect witch to step in the world of wizards from the flower kingdom. What if the charming Mother Gothel straightens her hair for the Halloween party this year? Ask a friend with long hairs to join you for singing Rapunzel, “Mother Knows the Best!”

Little Red Riding Hood

Make sure not to miss the interesting chance of transforming into your favourite character. The Little Red Riding Hood makeup is the perfect catch for Halloween if red is your colour. Do not miss the pretty Halloween makeup ideas at all. Invite them in and tear them for a feast!

Queen Pennywise Clown Makeup

Pennywise is the best bet for clown makeup ideas on Halloween. It is not easy to resist the look if IT had a female balloon-giving monster. Focus on the scary makeup on the eyes and keep your lipstick an alerting red. Make sure not to compromise on the wig and lenses.

Walking Talking Voodoo Doll

Voodoo dolls are believed to be an ideal symbol for witchcraft. So, if not the witch, then her hocus-pocus accessory can be your costume this Halloween! Try pretty Halloween makeup ideas only to stitch the prettiness on your neck, lips, and hair.

Cracked Pumpkin Scary Makeup

Trick or treat? Go out or stay home but, make sure to ask this spooky question. The cracked pumpkin idea is an easy scary Halloween makeup. However, you can recreate it with blade stripes on the face. Try another hairstyle or wear a witch hat for the crawl.

Empty Eye Scary Halloween Makeup

The most haunting Halloween makeup ideas will always revolve around the white-eyed ghost. Artists add to this every October. Make it hotter and creepy if you have red hair or a wig available. The bet for this scary Halloween makeup is to keep your eyes CLOSED!

Gamora from Marvel’s Galaxy

Marvel has given us a never-ending list of characters for every annual celebration. Of course, Gamora is the last of her species, and you cannot miss the chance to be her. Decide your Halloween makeup ideas and look like ‘The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe.’

Stapled Scary Makeup Look

Halloween spine-chilling does not require all talent but interest. Easy scary Halloween makeup ideas can also add to the fun if you like. Browse Instagram for beginner-friendly Halloween makeup ideas. Play a little with paints and let the staples look real for a creepy feel!

Dolled-Up Na’vi from Pandora

Drifting away from the traditional blues of Avatar, recreate the look. Use your face paints to undo all Na’vi Halloween makeup ideas. Let another race of extra-terrestrial humanoids enlist your Halloween party ideas list. Call your friends and lead your Pink Lush Jungle Moon league!

Edward Scissorhands Back to Action

For those who only think about Edward Cullen on Halloween, go back to history. Edward Scissorhands is the incomplete fictional creation played by none other than Johnny Deep during the 90s. If you want to recreate a scary makeup look that confuses others, select this one!

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Makeup

Cracked pumpkin is a scary Halloween makeup that lasts long. It is less time consuming and works voodoo if you have a witch hat, lenses, and orange face paint. Play your pumpkin look and ask for trick or treat. Also, it is the best bet for those with left and right profile troubles.

Dolly Skull from the Graveyard

Skull Halloween face ideas are many. You can select this makeup for a hooded costume and curl down the hair to spine-chill others. Also, it is a stylish and worthwhile scary makeup plan for side profile pictures. Snap your left profile, right profile, and say cheese when you face the camera!

The Nun from Your Nearby Church

So many horror movies to define exorcism and evil spirits. Of course, you always need a pope, a nun, or an exorcist to break-free from the demon. Dressing up like The Nun is an easy scary Halloween makeup and also a popular one. Do not forget to buy a crucifix necklace for this look.

White Sorceress for the Witchcraft

Halloween makeup ideas rotating around spiders and skulls can quickly portray witchcraft. You do not need to work really hard for the skull look if white paint is your thing. Arrange a wig only and let spiders add to the creep and crawl. Skip red for this Halloween and be the brighter ghost.

Cinderella with a Missing Pair of Lips

Cinderella and pretty Halloween makeup ideas? Are you sure it is worth the Halloween party? Why not wear your fantasy princess gown and send chills down the prince’s spine. Use your best character day wig and lovely blue lenses for the creepy wink. Now, miss your lips and ask trick or treat?

Neytiri from the Lush Alien World

Pandora planet is an ideal place to recall trick or treat. So, if your friends are crazy fans of Avatar, do not miss Neytiri’s scary makeup look. Most often, Halloween party ideas require a theme. And this fictional earth-like moon is an iconic choice for Halloween 2020.

Why So Serious Clown Makeup Look

Dress up like the joker if you are out of ideas. It is the best Halloween costume you will need at any party. Green hair, smoky eyes, violet lips – what a scary makeup bet! Try better to cover your head in a regular joker wig to satisfy the need for greasy, dirty joker hair.

Princess Chucky for Spooky Child’s Play

The Curse of Chucky! Get in form with your serial killer knife and brown doll hair. Halloween makeup ideas can also transform you into the ‘Good Guy’ if you like. All efforts, in this case, depending on the Halloween costume you choose. Think of it and select your face paints for scary makeup!

Are You Scared?

Are you prepared for Halloween now? Remember, it is not necessary to hit upon an expensive brand for the costume. Look into your makeup bag for the creepy 2020’s Halloween party ideas. All the discussed Halloween makeup ideas are possible if you stock some face paint and fake blood.

Also, the event is near, and you can find Halloween voucher codes on every nearby store. Therefore, select your scary makeup look now and get ready to ask TRICK or TREAT!