How to Cut Your Own Hair in Your House during Lockdown?

how to cut our own hair

Are you stuck at home with the annoying days of quarantine? Is your appearance exhausting with shapeless hair and breaking skin? How to cut your own hair in your house while you cannot hit the salon?

Days back before the outspread of the Coronavirus pandemic, you could quickly utilise the Toni & Guy voucher codes and plan a ravishing hairstyle without much effort. However, since you are facing a lockdown in your country, it is not possible to visit your favourite beauty salon.

Nonetheless, trimming your hair is not dependent on a hair expert. You can be your stylist and plan a new haircut without much effort.

How to Cut Your Own Hair like a Professional?

It is handy to cut your own hair like a professional stylist. Here is a guide to help you plan an exciting haircut. You may find it understandable if you concentrate.

Remember, before you cut your own hair, make sure if you really require a haircut. Trimming your strands and messing with your follicles may not be your thing. Therefore, only plan a cut if you are not emotional about it. But do you need any tools for this experience?

What Gear Do You Need?

Cutting hair does not require much of a beauty kit on the dresser. However, you need a pair of good-quality scissors and hair-clippers. If you are empty of these two, use your set of beauty voucher codes and place an order from an operating beauty brand.

Try to find a pair of hair cutting shears or precision scissors and a set of clippers if you own short hair.

Haircutting Tips to Follow

These are some essential tips you must keep in mind before getting in your stylist mode.

  • It is difficult to cut your own hair in the mirror; therefore, find help if possible and let someone assist you in the experience.
  • If your hair is long, short, or healthy; it is going to get more comfortable for you. Textured and curly hair is tricky to trim at home.
  • Make sure you start with a little amount of your follicles. Rather than going too far with your cutting, go slow and let things take time.
  • Assure to keep away from horizontal lines as it is not a DIY tip. You must avoid any tricky steps unless you are an expert. Always follow vertical snips and continue.

Trimming Your Own Hair

It’s necessary to wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner before applying a haircut. Let it dry and unlock any tangles by combing your hair. Section your hair into equal parts by using clips and prefer covering your shoulders with a towel before you start.

Long Hair

Start by dividing your hair in equal section through clips. Bring forward one part at a time. Try not to trim more than a quarter of an inch. Make sure to know the length you want to trim and finally snip the ends. Watch below for proper guidance.

Short Hair

It is difficult to cut short hair at home. You must appreciate the presence of an individual around you. You can start at the sides and utilise a comb to determine where you actually need a cut. Make sure to remain careful while you trim around the ears. Watch the tutorial for more.

Curly Hair

If you have thick or curly hair, then you can cut it at home without much effort. All you require is sectioning and layering to come up with a better look. Enjoy healthier hair and remain home during the quarantine. Watch the video and find out a style involving bangs. You can limit to trim if you like.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of manner through which you can trim your hair. However, these three types are easiest to cut at home. You can learn how to cut your own hair during this lockdown now. Follow these tips and enjoy your latest look throughout quarantine.