Ultimate Guide on How to Wear Hair Clips – Best Ways to Design Your Hair Style

how to wear hair clips

Hair clips are one of the most popular hair accessories and are never out of trend for women. One reason is that they are very easy to wear; you only clip them into your hair and finish nothing more! Hair clips are available in various sizes and shapes, and you can use them for multiple hairstyles. Here in this guide, you will find out various styles of wearing hair clips, different types of hair clips and which hair clips are best for different occasions. All of these styles are trendy, stylish, and easy to follow. Any woman can do it without the help of a professional. Moreover, the guide will help you purchase the right hair clips depending on your occasion and interest. Check out this guide to learn more about how to wear hair clips and design your hairstyle. 

5 Hair Clips Style You Must Try

  1. Tortoise Style Claw Clip

One of the straightforward styles to try on your hairstyle takes less than 10 seconds. Firstly, pull all your hair behind your shoulders. Secondly, drag the hair clip above your ear, and clip it on your hair. And finished! See, isn’t it so easy and simple? You don’t need to sit in front of the mirror for several hours, and this style works best for indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you’re going cooking or grocery shopping, it makes you look super chic.

  • Burn Hair Style

If you have curly hair and thinking about how to wear hair clips with curly hair, then a burn hairstyle is ideal for you. Wear style by curling hair from end to end in the direction of outside to inside with the help of hands. Then hook up with a large hairpin at the nape of the neck. It gives you an elegant look and saves your hair for a long time.

  • Twist and Lock Style

This style is all about twisting your hair behind your head and securing it with the clock clips. To get a more chic look, keep a few inches in the front and take the rest of them behind your head. Grab them as if you are making a small pony, twist, spin, hold up, and lock them with the clip. It fits the women who always wonder how to wear hair clips in short hair.

  • Low Burn Hair Style

To make a low burn hairstyle, you need to smooth the back of the hair and then wrap it in the front direction to form a rectangle shape. Then, lock it with the crab claws. Colourful hairpins can make your style more fashionable and stylish. This style can be worn out quickly and doesn’t require a lot of energy. Moreover, it will make your shiny hair more attractive and chic.

  • High Twist and Lock Style

If you’re thinking about how to wear hair clips with long hair, then this style is specifically for you. You have to spend a few extra time to get it right; however, it will give you a super stylish look. To make style, gather all of your hair at the higher point of your head and twist and lock them upside down. Twist them in a downward direction and form a circle. Lastly, seal them with the clip.

Different Types of Barrette

  1. Claw Hair Clip

Claw hair clips are found in almost every women’s room, and they are comfortable to use. The hair clip consists of two combs with large teeth attached in the middle with a strong spring. The spring lets you open the mouth, and when released, it will close the clip. When it comes to styling your hair with a claw hair clip, you have several design options available to choose from. A small claw hair clip can longer your ponytail or secure your half-up style. Larger clips can be used to hold the burn or in the making of a ponytail. It would be best to have various claw hair clips to give your hair a different style each time.

  • Banana Clip

Banana clips are typically large in size and, therefore, used to keep the long hair in place. They have teeth on both sides and are a great choice to wear if you have long hair. Since 1980, they have come in various sizes and styles and have been a popular choice for women who tend to keep long hair. They are a not good fit for thinner hairs, such as younger children’s hair. Moreover, it has fancy edges that can add elegance to your overall look, especially your hairstyle. And that’s the feature that makes it expensive to purchase. Fortunately, people always choose to use discount and voucher codes from stores like Beyond Beautiful discount codes which offer exclusive sales on its hair accessories collection.

  • Snap Clip

Snap clip often comes in bright colours with stylish patterns making them the top choices among women of different ages. The clip has the ability to hold up a lot of hair, and women use it to keep hair out of faces and give their hairstyles a unique look. They also come in different sizes and shapes, giving you various options depending on your fashion taste. If you want to hold a lot of hair at once, then consider buying a larger snap clip; however, go for smaller clips to stand out among others with stylish hairstyles.

Ideal Hair Clips for Different Occasions

Hair Clips for Wedding

Weddings are the ideal occasions to show your true beauty by dressing up the best possible. Several hair clips to wear up for the wedding occasions may work well with your overall look. If it’s the precious moment of your life and you’re the bride, then consider choosing floral clips with your outfit. If you’re wondering how to wear hair clips on the wedding day, try using hair extensions to add extra layers, and then use hair clips to style them. However, if your time hasn’t come, consider going for the second option and trying to wear out of the box. It helps make your hairstyle stylish and works great with hair clips.

Hair Clips for Romantic Dates

The special day you’ll spend with your partner or lover shouldn’t go boring and unpleasant. Make sure to make it one of the memorable nights for the future by dressing up in a way to get a more feminine look. With your great outfit, ensure that your hair clips fit with it. Furthermore, a romantic date is all about spending time with your loved one; you shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new and special to make the meeting a success. By wearing a great outfit that fits with your hair clips, you can impress your loved ones and make an impression on others.

Hair Clips for Business Meeting

In the field of profession, getting your hair right with the work is the most challenging task every woman faces in the morning. Nowadays, women have to take care of each aspect while dressing up for casual business meetings. And because of the shortage of time, women love their hair clips which can be used for any hairstyle, including top knot, burn, or straightening. Wearing a hair clip doesn’t require a lot of time and energy and can be done within a minute or two. So, if you’re wondering how to wear hair clips, then use a bobby pin or any other clip at the point where your hair part. Moreover, you can decorate your hair with stylish hair clips on both sides of your hair.

Wrap Up

Hair clips hold an important significance in the design of your hairstyle and the overall look of your outfit. The 5 ways mentioned above how to wear hair clips are easy and simple and take no time to try up. Moreover, make sure to purchase the hair clips according to your hair type so that you can get the stylish hairstyle you desire. Hair clips can be worn out on any occasion, including weddings, casual business meetings, or romantic dates.