Everything to Know About African Grey Parrots


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Winter is up with another sparkle for bird lovers all over the UK. As per the courtesy of Statista,the United Kingdom crossed an amount of one million pet birds in 2018. This number is most likely to increase in the upcoming years.

Currently, African grey parrots are trending all over the internet for their smart and helpful nature. Therefore, it is time you can get hands-on pet care products for them. While these mesmerisingly beautiful birds are on sale; you can purchase their essentials from leading pet stores online.

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There is a lot more you will love to know about them.

Biological Facts about African Grey Parrots

Biologically known as ‘Psittacus erithacus’, African greys are exotic and wild animals most popularly kept in the Middle East, USA, and interestingly Europe. They are made up of two subspecies, namely Congo and Timneh.

  • Congo African Greys comprise of a larger body and are of a lighter shade of grey. You can find them with an all-black beak and a blazing red tail.
  • Timneh African Greys have a smaller body with a darker-grey colouration. The top half of their beak is flesh-coloured, and they have dark maroon tail feathers.

They have a more significant life span in captivity of about 60 years. However, you can find them surviving for a maximum of 30 years in the wild. The maximum recorded life span of African grey parrots is around 80 years.

These majestic birds are originated from West and Central Africa while they weight about 330-550 grams mostly.

Behavioural Facts about African Grey Parrots


While you are up for saving on essentials for these birds via the pets and accessories voucher codes, always remember they mostly bond with one family member and reject the rest. Therefore, try to be the one they love as they are fearful of strangers most of the times.

Tamed African greys most likely adapt to new surroundings as compared to others. They are quick at exposing to daily activities and household. It shows their intelligent, curious, and revealing nature. They crave for human attention, and caretakers are advised to give them at least one hour every day.

Keeping pets is all about making them feel home; therefore, do your best and leave the rest on them.

Environmental Facts about African Grey Parrots

You will easily find king cages on bird stores, especially for these parrots from the central and West Africa. They are around 2 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 4 feet tall; therefore, you need a large enclosure for sure. Always remember a bird needs to flap its wings without getting in touch in the cage walls.

For purchasing perches, find them in variable textures, widths, and heights. Try to keep it in concrete and protect the toenails of your African pet. Also, keep them away from food to prevent any contamination.

A wide variety of perches increases their health because African greys need a lot of physical activity in and out of their cages. You need to be physically involved with them for keeping their happiness at the beak.

Fun Facts about African Grey Parrots

Having a lifespan of even 80 years at times, African grey parrots outlive their owners many times. Therefore, you may often find them under traumatic circumstances. According to Phys.org,some of these smart birds cross an intelligence level of a 5-year old. They can easily recognise different human behaviours.

While you purchase their essentials, ask them as they can quickly identify request, refuse, and categorise. Moreover, these birds can locate more than eighty large objects and will give you enticing answers regarding questions about colours and shapes.

Be a runner if you plan to walk with them. These parrots are most likely to travel up to ten kilometres every day. Romantically, they mate with just one companion at the time due to their monogamous nature.

Excited With The African Grey Parrots For Sale?

With so much to handle about these beautiful exotic pets, make sure of keeping them in pairs and groups. African greys need social interaction and can create a relationship with every member of their group. Loneliness for them leads to self-harm; therefore, whenever you purchase a product for them, have it for all the group!