9 Ways to Give your Living Room Wall a New Look in 2021

Living Room Wall

Are you planning to stare at a blank living room wall for life? It is not boring but meaningless at times. A plain white room cuts the overall attraction of your house. The United Kingdom is a country that gives you everything from inventions to dreams.

Therefore, you can make life extravagant by decorating your home in multiple ways. Once you start brainstorming for this goal, ideas overflow your list. The 2021 trends in home décor are extravagant. Photographers, artists, gardeners, and all others can decorate the lounge wall without any external help.

You can always makeover your house by implementing minor changes on every wall. In fact, white walls act like curtains in your personality. Most often, individuals do not understand what to add in the home furnishing collection. However, you do not need to worry if you are planning to renovate your living room walls.

Below is a collection of ideas that you can apply to every wall of the house. Some of these will surely satisfy your need for interior wall décor in the hallway.

Living Room Wall Décor Ideas
Wall Decor Ideas

Always remember, the lounge wall can serve as a piece of art in the house. It is upon you to make the most of it. Look below and find out how to make your home elegant this year!

Prefer Large Scale Art

A blank wall sits perfectly with large scale canvases and paintings. It is because you have plenty of space on an empty wall. You can easily use a huge photograph to set the tone in the room. Moreover, you have sufficient options for this type of wall design.

You can add romantic couple paintings or hang a masterpiece abstract painting. The choice depends on your personality and the size of the wall.

Design a Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

Appreciate your creative mind for this living room wall décor. Quickly jump to the gallery section of your smartphone and select the best ones. Your memories will always outshine such a wall. You can add childhood pictures and the latest ones too.

Remember, decorating this wall will take time. Therefore, switch options if you are looking for a quick makeover of the lounge wall.

Mount Your TV Screen

You belong to the era of artificial intelligence and smart gadgets. It is trendy to have a widescreen mounted on the wall. As per Statista, the revenue in the consumer electronics sector is most likely to reach €10,905 million in 2020.

Therefore, you can find stylish televisions for decorating your home smartly. Find LEDs, LCDs, and Plasma screens as per your choice.

Add a Customised Map
Customised Map

Hanging a large world map in the house adds to your personality. It suits travel lovers, cartographers, and people possessing the love for maps. One can use the Maps International discount codes to order multiple maps in their favourite colour.

You can customise the map by pinning destinations that you want to visit or have visited. Also, you can prepare a personalised map of your house and place it in the hallway for elegance.

Hang a Super Calendar

Calendars are necessary to hang in the house. Undoubtedly, you live in the era of smartphones. However, a calendar is an object that connects you with the house. Surely, a smart calendar helps you check any details whenever you want.

Nonetheless, you can independently keep track of all events by working a calendar on the living room wall. Find a modern design almanac in bold font for more. You can also use The Conran Shop discount codes to order your favourite calender.

Bring In Life and Aroma

Greenery adds a tone of happiness and freshness in the house. You can add more plants in your surrounding for having a relaxed life. It is a healthy lounge wall décor idea for adding nature in your space. Also, you can introduce seasonal flowers for more.

Buy wall-mounted planters or think of self-made plant canvases for beauty. You can also add artificial ones if you are not into gardening.

Help It Appear Spacious

Do you know how to make your house look spacious? Mirrors are the key to adding space in a tiny room. Also, it complements a trendy touch to your home. Therefore, you can think of it as a living room wall décor plan. Find huge mirrors for this makeover.

You may be enticed to know that multiple mirrors can be combined to form an artistic wall. Place small mirrors in different sizes for this touch.

Showcase Classic Fabric

Adding a tapestry on the wall can command interest in the house interiors. Also, it will change the look of an empty wall and makeover your living room firmly. Do not mix this design with large-scale paintings. These are two different ideas that you can implement.

A fabric wall hanging also adds a soft tone in the house. It is not necessary to go for the lavish frames. You can humbly hang scarves and printed textile pieces on the lounge wall.

Enhance an Accent Wall

It is not always about hanging planters, paintings, fabrics, and masterpieces. You can style a living room wall by working on the wallpaper. Without any doubts, go for an accent wall and makeover your space like never before.

Think of placing a removable wallpaper on one of the walls. It serves as a statement wall in the hallway. You can think of contrasting colours for a better look.

What More to Adore?

Always plan the best of ways while decorating a living room wall. It is because this space adds a touch of elegance and inspiration in the house. Your hallway and lounge will always impress visitors. Of course, not everyone can enter the bedroom.

It is better to keep your personal life behind the door. Nonetheless, you must have an appealing house because it is the place where you live!