Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas That Are Cheap But Meaningful

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is Marriage Anniversary coming up and you are broke again? We feel there is a connection between been broke and anniversaries; they are always together, no? You must be stressed about having to buy a present, and you should be because skipping on a gift is out of the question. We have heard it many times that it is the thought behind a present that counts, but we all want to give something that doesn’t look cheap. The easy way out is search for voucher codes UK and have a presentable gift under a budget, but there are other ways also, have a look.

Marriage Clock

It is the cheapest but the cutest thing to do for your partner. Take the batteries out so it won’t change time and fix the time that you got married at. Keep it in a shadow box with some items that hold memories and are important in your marriage anniversary. If you are lovey-dovey or your partner is, then you can also write a poem around it. The only expense is of the clock.

Video Messages

This is the best marriage anniversary gift, and it holds so much meaning. Film a video message from each of your loved ones from family and mutual friends and ask them to tell how they feel about you guys as a couple. Compile all of the messages and surprise your spouse. When you do it be ready with the tissue paper because some tears are about to flow.

Hand Painted Picture

Even if you are not really artsy and even if your painting is not up to the mark, trust us, this gift will melt the heart of your loved one. Paint a quote that is special and has some meaning to you both. If not a known quote you can always paint something you or your partner has said and it is significant. This is the warmest gift that you can present someone. You can get the paints, brushes, and canvas at low prices through voucher codes UK online without having to step out.

Cross Stitched Wedding Sampler

If you can cross stitch, this can be one perfect idea. You can create a personal and unique sampler. Add something special that only you two know about, and it may be meaningless to others. This way, it will be a gift that will bring a smile to your partner forever. You can add a location, a symbol, and literally anything to make it appear to customize for your spouse only.


The sentimental value of photo albums is priceless, and they are relatively cheap. You can put together a digital album for absolutely free and even if you want to have a physical one with the printed picture it won’t cost much. The albums are the best way to preserve memories.

Love Notes

Sounds like something a teenager would do? It’s good to be in love like a teenager who is head over heel for their partner. Take a jar, decorate it, and fill it with 365 love notes. So, your partner has one to read each day throughout the year till your next anniversary.

Write nice things, love quotes, habits that you love about them in these notes, and you may also fold them and make them specific like ‘when you are down’ or ‘when you achieve something’ so they can pick one up every day accordingly.

Chocolate Bundle

If your partner love chocolates, you have an easy way out. Yes, there are usually several voucher codes UK available for chocolates throughout the year, use them to get the maximum discounts. Get an assortment of chocolates, hot chocolates, candies, and everything sweet and pack them all in a cute basket. You have a basket full of joy to present to your spouse.

Plant A Tree

If you both love outdoors and you are into celebrating nature then, this might be your thing. Plant a small tree in your yard and stick a metal board with the year and a note on it. It will keep growing throughout the years the same as your love for each other. Also, it looks like a nice story to tell to your grandchildren later, and it will be a little step towards the safe environment for the upcoming generations.