Top 10 Men’s Hair Trends For 2021

Men Hair trends

Men’s hair trends are not as easy as people think. An average number of individuals believe that styling men’s hair is a piece of cake. However, finding hairstyle for men in 2021 is harder than those for women. A few styles and short hair often trap hairstylists and men themselves.

Restyling your look is not expensive than a few rounds of energy drinks. Of course, hunks can spend a fortune in hair treatments or pay 45 minutes to the barber. But it is of no use if all you want is the usual man’s haircut.

So, what is your plan for today? Are you using Truffle Shuffle discount codes for buying the best outfit for a gathering? But how will you carry yourself to the party? If 2021 men haircuts are anything that you need, then keep reading. The two popular ways of following men hairstyle trends include military and messy. You can find cuts that favour both the textures and apply to either short or long hairs.

Popular Men’s Hair Trends In 2021

Men's Hair Trends

From fashion weeks and magazines, we have gathered a list of the top 10 men’s hair trends for the year. So, if you know how to cut your hair, some may help you excellently.

Textured Crop Men Hair Trends

The textured crop hairstyle is a combination of the short back and sides. Here, the length on top of the head cooperates with gravity and comes up as a messy cropped haircut. Men with thick hair can most likely prefer this style as it shapes the natural texture. For working on this cool look, you can take the help of matte paste and apply it through your hair for enhancing the look.

Undercut Quiff Men Hair Trend

The undercut quiff is the best way to maintain your style with little effort. It will help you keep the hair in place smoothly. The barber will disconnect your sides from the top exactly at clipper grade zero and create a blunt contrast in length. Next, you’ll see the hair tapered off through your side and neck. Nevertheless, the length remaining on the top of your fringe will help you create several textures.

Messy Bob Haircut and Hairstyle

Men who wish to keep grooming out of their checklist will always vote for the messy men’s haircut. This hairstyle for men in 2021 is workable for those with any texture or thickness. Ensure that your barber is making layers that pair up ideally with your hair texture and face shape. For owners of this hairstyle, allow the hair to air dry. Later than, using any product for this cut must depend on the style you want. A bit of salt spray and messy matte will do work wonders.

Short Caesar Hairstyle

In the men’s hair trends for 2021, hairstylists will continue to prioritise Caesar cut. It is a popular buzz haircut and is extremely manageable for men. People with short hair will love to pick this style when it is time to spike up. All you need is a dab of gel or hair setting cream to keep it in shape. If you are in a hurry, jump to this spiky man’s hairstyle and acquire it in seconds.

Simple Casual Hairstyle

The old classic look is still considered as a popular hairstyle for men in 2021. It is almost similar to the slicked-back hunk look. However, a few variations and textures can groom the top hair. Men can get a casual look by playing gel or styling cream in their hair. Also, a few strokes of a bristle brush can create an attractive look. For maintaining this look, keep side hair shorter and top hair longer.

Side Pompadour Haircut

Coming back this year is the side pompadour hairstyle for men in 2021. This varying haircut has been around for the past few years in the fashion industry. The side pompadour works perfectly on different hair lengths and looks cool on the top of your head. For this type, pomade is used to make it last longer. With proper brushing, men can enhance this look even more.

Angular Fringes Hair Trends

The men’s hair trends in 2021 take you to the stylish angular fringes look. It is a popular type that works well even in this era and adds to the men hairstyle trends. Hunks who are adamant to hold a casual yet messy look will prefer this haircut. It is a unique hairstyle that works well only if you hire a professional hairstylist. In this type, the sides are completely tapered while the top layer is left along with an angular side cut. Owners of angular fringes can comb it or use gel for a messy look.

Short Back Best Men’s Haircut

This stylish, unique, and gorgeous hairstyle can be your top men’s hair trends in 2021. Here, the hair on the back of an individual’s head is kept shorter while maintaining a long layer on the top. This hairstyle is most often messed up on the top and enclosed with a tapered tip right at the front. It is considered as the best men hairstyle for guys who want to look different and confident.

Brushed Up Haircut

If you have always been a pro with your regular hairbrush, then this hairstyle is for you. This cut teaches you how to use the hairbrush as a professional hairstyling tool.  It is preferable for men who love to keep their hair length at an approx. medium. The hair on the back and sides are shorter than compared to the regular ones. Later than, you can brush these on the top or side as per your mood.

Buzz Men Hairstyle Trends

The buzz hairstyle for men in any year requires deep concentration. It is necessary to give yourself a thought before considering this haircut. Not every face shape and head can manage to have this hairstyle after the clippers go down. The buzz cut will reveal all your curves on the head, so make sure you look like one Channing Tatum of your league before things go out of your way.


Men Hairstyle Trends

These are the top 10 men’s hair trends in 2021 that you can try for shaping your life. If you think we missed some other men hairstyle trends, please let us know in the comments below.