The Perfect Money Saving Guide for Solo Travelers

The Perfect Money Saving Guide for Solo Travelers

Do you love traveling to different places around the globe alone? To be honest, I’m also that type of person who prefers getting a single bed for myself and enjoy beautiful destinations away from everyone I know. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you feel relaxed as well!

However, as much as I love having a nice and cozy bed to myself on every trip I take, it gets pretty expensive. In fact, when we travel with a group or a couple of friends all the transportation, accommodation and food expenses are shared. Regardless of this, with loads of traveling experience, I have managed to save thousands of dollars over the years on my solo trips. Wanna know how? Here are my useful money savvy solo travel tips to take along on your next adventure.

Be Flexible on Your Destination

The best part about traveling solo is that you’ve got no one to fight or argue with on the travel destination. With the freedom to decide, you can look for deals with many search tools like Skyscanner, Kayak, and even GTFO. These tools and apps help you search for any last minute discounted flight deals. Flights are probably the most expensive thing on our trip, and if you can grab a good deal, you’ll have much more to spend on other factors during your adventure. To start off, you can use the Skiworld Promotion Code, and enjoy budget friendly skiing adventures.

Travel in the Off-Season

Have you noticed the ticket prices rise significantly during Christmas and the summer vacations? To be precise, during these seasons many people take an off from work and plan on traveling with their families for a vacation. Due to the rise in demand, ticket prices rise rapidly.

However, you can save yourself from paying extra by planning your trips during off-season months. If you want my advice, plan your trips after the New Year during mid of January. During this time of the year, all travelers are usually back home getting busy in their daily lives with many flights going with numerous empty seats.

Use the Exchange Rate as a Benefit

If you live in a country where the currency is stable, for example, the USA, or any country that falls within the European Union, you have the benefit of traveling to beautiful islands of Thailand, Maldives or coastal countries of Africa where the currency is weak but mother nature never disappoints you in showing her beauty.

Don’t forget to take a Visit to Free Museums

You can almost always find a free museum during your trip at all those amazing destinations for solo travelers. In order to promote tourism, every city and country has a traditional or historical museum that lets tourist enter without any charges. Though this may feel a bit boring for a few, you can’t deny the fact that the artifacts and collection of a museum are must-see and priceless items.

Tag Along Solo Travel Groups

Remember, you are never alone! There are many just like you who don’t like traveling with people they know. However, meeting new people, making friends, and traveling with complete strangers is an adventure in itself. If you are lucky, you may just find someone living in the same hotel as you. Don’t feel shy about sharing a cold one with them. You could actually save a few bucks by sharing food and even traveling to your next destination together.

Look For Hotels with Single Rooms

While traveling, your room should just be a place to sleep and freshen up with quick baths. This means that you don’t need to spend hundreds of euros on renting a luxurious room with a king size bed. Look for hotels that offer single bedrooms and save as much you can to avoid overspending or you can avail Mercury Holidays Discount Code to get some discount. You can, later on, use the saved money for better meals or to buy a few gifts for your folks who are waiting for you at home.

Strategize Your Meals

Ninety-nine percent of the time you won’t have to spend for a breakfast meal. Almost all hotels offer complimentary breakfast with every day you stay unless you check in to an incredibly cheap hotel where they don’t even have a kitchen. If you have your breakfast during the last moments of the buffet, a big meal can save you the expense of buying lunch. After that, you can have a late lunch or an early dinner to keep yourself full throughout the rest of the day. These two large meals will both save you money and keep your energy levels high while walking and touring the city.

The Takeaway

To be honest, traveling isn’t that cheap especially when you’re heading out alone, but it solely depends on you how you choose to spend your money on the trip. If you are looking for tips to save money on your solo trips, follow our guide and return home without spending your full budget.