Must-Know Store Coupon Policies for Big Savings

Store Coupon Policies for Big Savings

For anyone into couponing, it’s always fruitful to have insight into the policies from different stores located in your area. Every store has coupon policies according to the specific region of the country where the store is located in.

On the other hand, store’s interpretation of a corporate coupon policy affects the way customers redeem coupons even in the similar chain of stores located in the same state and city. For this reason, couponers encourage the stores to have clearly written coupon policy as it reduces the guesswork for both; the couponers and store employees as well.

Basic Coupon Policies

There are some basic and standard policies followed by most of the stores as these govern all the legitimate manufacturers and internet-printed coupon codes. In case the store fails to follow these policies they may risk being reimbursed by the manufacturer for the coupons they are accepting.

Manufacturer coupons must have the following content clearly printed on the coupon.

  • Expiration date or “No Expiration Date’ printed if there isn’t any.
  • A valid remit address (generally in small fonts)
  • “Manufacturer Coupon,” written on coupons from the Manufacturer.
  • A barcode that can be scanned.

All stores that accept Manufacturer coupons and internet-printed coupons have the following policies for coupon redemption.

A coupon must be legible, clear, scannable and original, no copies are accepted.

Coupon from only one manufacturer is accepted per item. For example, if you have two coupons for Wonder Bread, each offering $.50 off, you can only use one for each loaf of wonder bread. If you want to use the second one you’d have to purchase an additional loaf of wonder bread.

Most stores will not accept internet printed coupon that is worth more than the regular price of the item. This is because coupons that offer excessive discount are likely to be fraudulent. However, certain stores will accept the coupon if the amount is close to the price of the product while some will redeem up to the price of the item. For example, if a product is priced at $2.50 and the white stores discount code offers $2.75, and it’s a legitimate one, the coupon will only be redeemed for $2.50, and the product will cost you nothing. There’s no way that the store will give the unredeemed cash back on coupons.

Individual Store Coupon Acceptance Policies

While adhering to individual store coupon policies, you need to be aware of specific rules governing.

Some stores have special coupon days, weekly or monthly. On this day the store usually offers extra discount to their club members and seniors or double coupons.

There are certain couponing limitations that some stores adhere to. Look out that how many coupons the store accepts per transaction. Some stores allow as many coupons as items you have in your cart while other set limits like ten coupons a day.

You may also find limitations associated with how many ‘like’ products you can purchase using coupons. The store may accept up to five ‘like’ coupons for a similar product in all flavors or varieties, on the same shopping trip per day.

This policy is now gaining popularity among stores now due to the ‘Extreme couponing’ TV series. In fact, many manufacturers are also inclined towards having it printed on the coupon. This keeps extreme couponers with a huge number of coupons from wiping out the store inventory for same product.

Store policies also vary with respect to the type of coupons being used. For instance, there may be no limit set for the acceptance of store-issued coupons but only five internet-printed coupons are allowed to be redeemed. However, other stores may have a policy that allows for unlimited internet-printed coupon redemption.

Some stores also have policies limiting the dollars which could be for individual coupons they accept or the entire purchase. For example, you may not be able to use any coupon with value exceeding $5 or overall coupon usage might be limited to $10 per transaction.