Never Play On Coupons With Millennial’s – They Like It!


Creating the In-Store Experience for Millennials:

You must be that youngster who likes to be glued with your phone keys all the daylong; being scolded by mum for missing the tasty dinner dine-ins just for being too much indolent to step down & simple annoy the idea of walking into a brick & mortar store for grocery shop when dad is out. Still, brining a single wrong veggie will make mom frowned. Uhhh, not again!

You aren’t new to these stereotypes, guys.

The idea of online retailing has deeply touched the holy heart roots of these millennials ; after all the approach is limited with limitless perks to swipe the mobile screen & just few keystrokes to enter & get it delivered at doorsteps by these numberless online retailers. With this sluggish peakicity evolving, easiness is the right word though; it’s of no surprise to see our forefather retailers ending up with declining sales report every year. Isn’t that making you curious that ‘millennials likes in-store shopping’?

If you ask any of a tech- savvy, 20’s lad or lady- let’s not discriminate here, the answer would be positive nods for sure “absolutely true”! No offense, but the reality that today’s brick & mortar store retailers aren’t realizing is how to attract this particular age group at their shop & though some with admittances, still don’t know how to ‘CATCH THE LEAD’. They are still pleased in continuing with their 80’s practices rather than catering this hot bunch differently & exclusively.

It’s never too late to be a first-mover of the door! If you want to be a ‘retailer- of- the- heart’ then, you should really learn to speak to these boldies & this boils down to 3 immediate things that these ‘cravers’ look for while shopping at  traditional brick-and-mortar: superior value, buzzing & economical deals and  off course, the overall in-store experience

Value Comes First. The ultimate hint for shoppers & it’s true for each one for them but, millennials being the special ‘meal course’ are hunting hard for the best price: quality ratio. The care for their savings & simply won’t dime for a thing that seems lavish but doesn’t carry the economical value.

Many millennials got their evolution during the most intense economic crisis that took place during the Great Depression & this has been the underlying cause behind their amazing sense of wariness while selecting the shopping item ;creating a distrust impression towards major corporations.

Contest this by going above and beyond with personalized & customized service justifying the quality of your sellings. Over-confident mass appeal might kill your product & business image among people.

Next is ‘Hang Up A Deal’. Again with many millennials being the ‘understanding beings’ that money won’t last ever like everything, backed by the fluctuated economic conditions leads towards brainy approaches of money savings, whether it be living in hostels with mates for longer spans as compared to ex-generations & getting their cable/dish antenna subscriptions cancelled or clipping coupons.

Times bowled out that an enormous 90% of millennials rely on coupons to save money. 

Finally, the In-Store Experience is here to add. You are capitalizing millions on décor & aesthetics, making creative use of technology in your purchasing processes, climbing on the ‘hipster’ trend to follow the lead but, all of these efforts drip down to one thing- Be credible!

Millennials being the most less trust –oriented age groups in recent memory are looking for anything that shouts “fake.”  Perhaps, this is the reason behind the big flop of big-box stores. If you are thinking to develop a store ambiance having a universal layout & overlay business message vibes would appeal these truth-hunters, it would be a red flag for them!

An environment that is more honestly expressing views about who you as a company will bet on bring the results!

So, where does this leave us? Though, it’s difficult to address this complex target but a coupon/reward program route, would hit the blast for them at your store brining all the three:  superior value, buzzing & economical deals and the overall in-store experience together & to enjoy a let’s-hope ideal shopping.

Starbucks has this beautiful concept blended with a relaxing coffee meet-up, a chic interior & a coffee mug in hand sipping up. Don’t you fear to say it as the most successful brick and mortar entity worldwide.

Don’t knit, just start weaving the three concepts for your store today to stand out from those old-fashioned 80’s into a modernized 20’s setup for your millennials.