How to Choose Your New Storage Shed Wisely


Do you feel your garage is getting overcrowded with all your gardening equipment? If yes, you aren’t alone in this as the garage is the first place we all consider as the storage. However, you can save a lot of space by merely getting a wooden shed for your backyard. These storage sheds are spacy and can be used to place all your gardening tools, sports equipment, and even your bicycles.

However, if you are a first-timer, choosing the right wooden shed can get a bit tricky. Therefore, we have compiled a list of crucial aspects to consider when buying a woodshed for your backyard.

How to Pick the Perfect Storage Shed

With hundreds of options, it is quite likely that you won’t be able to make up your mind on which one to buy for your home. That’s why we are here to help you out.

1.     Size of the Shed

The size of the shed the most important and first things you should go through. If you have a small backyard, then I don’t believe that you should go for a huge shed. Apart from that, you also need to go through how much space you actually need for all the equipment you plan on putting in the shed.

If you don’t have that many things, then it’s better to go for the smaller wooden sheds. In addition if you have a small backyard, you wouldn’t want to use up the whole place just for a wooden shed. Size matters because the more significant the shed is, the more you’ll have to pay. And I wouldn’t want you to waste your money on buying extra space for no reason. On the other hand, you can use the Wood Finishes Direct discount code to save money on your wooden shed. With this discount code, you can even go ahead and buy a bigger one if you are getting a good price cut on it.

2.     Style of the Shed

Are you planning on keeping the same shed for decades to come? If yes, you’d want to buy a shed that looks good and makes your background more beautiful. Therefore, when you are looking at shed, always choose the one that’ll not only give you a place for storage but will also make your site look better than before.

If you are looking for more storage, then go for the ones that are taller. That way you can install shelves and place your equipment on the shelves as well.

3.     The material of the Shed

The material you choose is a crucial aspect in determining the life-span of your shed. The material is what will keep it alive even after decades. The most popular materials used to make these sheds are;

·        Vinyl

Vinyl sheds are the most expensive and have the longest lifespan. In fact, these sheds are known to live up to 25-30 years. In addition, they are maintenance free and are made with fiberglass doors.

·        Wood

In comparison to vinyl sheds, wooden ones are cheaper. However, they require regular maintenance. On the other hand, they can’t match the lifespan of the vinyl and are prone to rot in the future.

·        Metal

If you are looking for a cheap and temporary option, then metal is the material for you. These sheds can rust within a few years and aren’t secure at all.

If you are choosing the wooden or metal shed just because they are cheaper, you can use the Buy Sheds Direct discount code to make the vinyl shed affordable for you.

4.     The color of the Shed

You are going to spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands on buying a shed. Therefore, we advise that you focus on which color to get. If you have a wooden fence, then the shed would look great if matched with the fence. Or, if you don’t have a fence, then you can pair it with the color of your house.

Make sure, the color combination you get does look good as you won’t spend that much again anytime soon.

5.     Extra Options in Your Shed

Have you finalized by now what you are going to store in this shed? Is it going to be old pots? Gardening tools? Old toys? Your BMX? Or your water hoses? Whatever you’ll keep you may need hooks, hangers, shelves, and drawers to organize all your storage correctly. You can ask the store from where you are buying the shed to customize it and add the things you require.

Final Word

Having that said, these were the five things you should consider before investing in your next shed. In addition, forget to avail the Wood Finishes Direct discount code and Buy Sheds Direct discount code to get your shed for an amazingly low price.