Non-Candy Frugal Easter Baskets Ideas

Easter Ideas

Easter is fun, no doubt and kids wait for it eagerly because of their Easter baskets. Usually, these baskets are loaded with candies and chocolates. Many stores and manufacturers offer discount voucher codes on candies, and stuff as Easter approaches due to increased sale. Every kid knows what is going to be inside their basket so, how about surprising them a little?

Candies surely bring delight for the children, and it is only momentous for the time being. Don’t you think we should spend money or the things which our little ones can cherish for a longest time? Now, you must be thinking yes! But what must be the things that can make our kids happy if not more? Let’s see it then.

Easter Eggs

Well, we can’t certainly have eggs in the basket, they are a must. As an alternative to filling the plastic eggs with candy try to fill them up creatively. Fill them with coins or use them to begin the treasure hunt. Each egg should have a clue about how and where to find the next egg and so on until the final surprise or destination. The final and bigger gift can again be anything from a chocolate bar to a toy. Remember to use voucher codes UK for the filler so, they are not too costly for you.

Themed Easter Baskets

The experience-themed baskets are not only long-lasting, but they also make children learn new and fun things. You never know your kid may find a hobby for life through one of them. They are far better than the sugar laden unhealthy Easter. Pick an activity or theme like camping, gardening, swimming, or their favorite past time and create a basket around it.

Camping Basket

This can also be a smart way to stock the camping supplies for a family. Kiddos will be excited because they will take it as a ticket to one more camping expedition. Now, coming to the items which can be gifted in a basket; you can give them sleeping bags, whistles, binoculars, flashlights, and camping silverware. There are several camping gears easily available, and you can keep a watch on these items to go on sale if you have decided early about the theme of the year.

Craft Basket

Every parent knows how testing it is to keep the little devils occupied in a productive manner and make sure they don’t get bored. This task becomes even more puzzling in the summer months which are not far from Easter. The craft baskets are perfect to combat against this dilemma of parents as these will keep the kids pleasantly busy. There are many options like modelling clay, construction papers, scissors, glue, glitters, paints, buttons, etc. the thing about this idea is these items are not expensive, but they will light up the little bored faces for sure. Apart from not being highly priced such things almost always have discount voucher codes available at one store or the other.

Sports Basket

Baskets full of sports gear are always a treat for the kids. You can give them anything from bats and balls to helmets and knee pads; they will be equally excited. Another great idea is to place tickets to local leagues which are not too out of the pocket and kids can have a good time out.

Gardening Basket

This is one of the best ideas as it will begin a process of learning for many years if done correctly. Use inexpensive pots as baskets and fill them up with the gardening supplies. You can use gloves, small and safe garden tools, seeds, and other garden-related items as the fillers. Also, place a handbook inside the basket along with other items so, they can take care of the seeds they plant throughout the year. It is not a one-time activity; it will teach them to take responsibility and how to care for the things.

Movie Night Basket

Children and adults love movie nights alike. Movie night baskets can have PJs, DVDs, or movie tickets. You can also add microwavable popcorns packs and other snacks your family enjoys on these fun nights. This may seem quite dull according to the taste of kids so; you may need to explore some voucher codes UK for chocolates and stuff.