How ‘The Batman’ Is Going To Make History Among All Robert Pattinson Movies?


Have you been watching all the Robert Pattinson movies after Twilight? Or is he your favourite Hollywood actor after his iconic appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Of course, Cedric Diggory will live forever in the hearts of every Hogwarts maniac.

However, things may be different after the first trailer of ‘The Batman.’ DC fans were not happy with the second Bruce Wayne, and here comes the third. Many believe only Christian Bale is an ideal Batman for Gotham.

Nevertheless, this year rolled with a new Batman character. The theatrical trailer of this movie by Matt Reeves discusses a darker shade of Wayne. The superhero is not seen as a really charming hero in the trailer.

Reeves finalised the Twilight series actor for the role due to many reasons. But, charmingly, he is younger and fits the requirement for the character. Robert Pattinson movies made a record-breaking history through Edward Cullen. Here are some reasons you may see him doing justice to Batman as well.

Why Robert Pattinson Is The Perfect Batman?

After Robert Pattinson won his role in the Batsuit, fans want to know why he can be the new Wayne. It is no doubt that his heart throbbing looks added to his personality as a vampire. However, the younger Batman is not just beautiful to many.

One cannot guarantee anything unless the movie plays in front of your eyes. But the industry is all set to offer Entertainment voucher codes before audiences break a bank. Read below to see why people seem more interested in the new character.

He Is a Younger Version

Until now, you have only seen an established and experienced Batman in the movies. However, Bruce Wayne is most likely believed to be in his 20s when he first wears his cape and cowl. It is why Pattinson will set a charm as the Caped Crusader.

Also, it will be astonishing for the fans to witness his struggle for Gotham. People may be attracted to his fight as the newest detective against crime.

He Is Gaining Experience

An inexperienced Bruce Wayne will showcase his ways of finding the truth. In the previous versions of Batman, Christian Bale behaved in a decent way. The trailer shows a younger person setting into his wings, as discussed in the comics.

It is an opportunity for DC lovers to spend quality time with superhero driven by revenge. You may love to see how his new style makes him more attractive inside the suit.

He Is a Better Detective

In the previous Robert Pattinson movies, you have seen the star as secretive as possible. Of course, Edward Cullen knows how to keep his little secrets to himself. Similarly, Bruce Wayne seems more of a detective in the new movie as compared to the previous versions.

Only ‘The Dark Knight’ showcased his detective side perfectly. Reeves is hopefully going to work his flaws. He wishes to contrast his performance with the comic character. The new investigative trailer seems to attract viewers more.

He Is More Terrifying

Another reason for Robert Pattinson being ideal for this role is his art of scaring. He has a marvellous experience of being scary for the villains since his vampire gaze.  For this reason, Rob in the batsuit is perfect for knocking out those who stand against Gotham.

The trailer shows him more violent and aggressive than his older variations. In the last minutes, you can see his steely eyes warning the criminals. It is what exactly watchers love to see in the unpredictable Batman.

He Is Exotically Masculine

Undoubtedly, any Robert Pattinson movies cannot deny his striking beauty and masculinity. He has everything that the Batman showcases in his batsuit. From owning a perfect jawline for the cowl mask, he is capable of carrying a masculine film.

Every superhero has to look good for the screen. Pattinson here has an extraordinary career in modelling. Also, in the case of Batman, the main focus is only his mouth with that growling voice. The actor is astonishing enough to scare the criminals with his lantern jaw.

Final Thoughts

Rotten Tomatoes discusses all the previous Robert Pattinson movies along with its scoring. The star’s rise from Twilight to The Batman will create history in the entertainment world. Nonetheless, everything is just an assumption until the initial release in October 2021.