Five Useful and Effective Steps for Secured Online Shopping

Secured Online Shopping

The holiday season always brings joy and happiness to people, irrespective of the countries and cultures of the world. This time of year is always special and wonderful for everyone. It’s the time where the fun begins. Being with your family and friends, receiving and giving presents, look like dream come true!

Giving gifts is as exciting as receiving them. And the major fun is to shop for gifts after knowing they will bring joy and happiness to your loved ones!

It’s quite obvious that you will do at least a few shopping online, if not a majority. It’s not any secret now that online retailers offer massive and wonderful deals. However, at the same time, there exists a potential danger of your money getting stolen by shifty scammers and spammers.

So, maybe a few of you don’t mind offering a couple of hundred pounds to thieves. However, it is much better to donate the same money to any charity.

If you need to protect yourself from fraudulent online shopping transactions, then continue reading! Here are some simple tips that will aid you to shop online safely.

1. Always Do Shopping From Trusted Sites

There are a plethora of websites that offer amazing deals. A few of them are so teasing that look as if they are not true! Well, many a time they aren’t! A lot of ecommerce websites only pretend to be shops. All they focus on is stealing your money.

Remember, no site can offer you a car for the price of a watch. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to use search engine shopping. If you do, check or even double-check the website before checking out.

Pay attention to:

  • shipping, refund, and return policies
  • security seals
  • use of secured connection (HTTPS://) when the site asks you to enter payment details

Never trust and buy anything advertised through emails from unknown senders. Also, never click on the links given in those emails. Such emails are, most of the time, a scam, and such links take you to the websites that put viruses on your device. So, never shop at websites that ask you your credit card credentials or ask you to send money orders.

2. Use a Secure PC

Irrespective of your degree of carefulness, there is no guarantee your computer will not be infected. Anyone who browses and visits social websites, or downloads software, cannot be 100% sure their PC is free from malware and spyware. So, before shopping, check that your device has comprehensive protection. Run anti-spyware and anti-virus scans and always use reliable up-to-date software.

Using a reliable anti-virus solution is always recommended. It will protect you against spyware, viruses, and other threats. Also, search for features that offer identity protection and privacy. They are designed especially to prevent hackers from stealing your precious data and ultimately, shopping online will be more secured.

3. Control Spam

If you feel worried about getting scammed or spammed by online retailers, you can either create a separate email ID for shopping online or create aliases. Here’s how you do the same using Gmail.

For instance, your address is and you are shopping at the website of a baby diapers exporter with an email ID as Now, when providing them your email address, type it as In this way, your every future communication from that shopping site will be addressed to

Therefore, if someone from their network tries to scam you, you will immediately get informed and you will be able to block them easily.

4. Make Payment Through a Credit Card

Most of you carry multiple bank cards – some debit and some credit. You can use both for online shopping; however, it’s safe to use a credit card.

Experts lament that credit cards offer you less hassle while dealing with your bank. Also, unauthorized charges are always shown up later in a monthly statement. Similarly, you wouldn’t need to pay massive interest on your debit card overdraft, would you?

5. Go for Alternative Payment Methods

Do you know you don’t have to use a credit or debit card while shopping online? There are a lot of other ways to make payments for the goods you purchased. Pre-paid and gift cards, certificates, and cash on delivery are a few of the renowned alternative payment methods you can use.

There are some websites like that allow you to shop online without entering the details of your bank card. Besides, online retailers encourage you to use a service that offers free shipping with an option to postpone your payment for up to 6 months.

Last Word

The tips mentioned above apply to every form of shopping, whether local or international. For instance, if you need to shop for Nutella chocolate from an overseas online nutella chocolate exporter , you can do it safely by using the above-mentioned tips and avoid any fraud. So, enjoy your shopping and always have a wonderful holiday season!