A Watches Guide: Seven Must – Have Types of Watches

Watches Guide

Watches are a contemporary accessory; especially for men. In today’s time; choosing which watch to buy is an overwhelming experience. There is an abundance of watches, and one gets confused as to which is better. From cost-effective to the price of a car; watches are indeed an expensive item to acquire. No matter where you go:

  • Jewelry shop.
  • Gift shop.
  • Online shopping platform.

Watch is a must in the category. There are various types of watches available, but with it comes to multiple descriptions and when-to-wear-which watch as well. Here, we’ll be discussing a few types of watches in order to assist you with your watch buying expedition with the help of voucher codes.

 Types of watches:

Types of watches

There are numerous types of watches available in the market, but you must buy watches which cover all bases in minimum quantity when you’re on a budget. There is no need to have the same model of a watch from every brand. Fashion watches are in the lap of luxury, but they differ from vintage types. We’ve hand-picked a few types of watches which will help you with every outfit, on all occasions:

1. Chronograph

With every watch comes a history. Chronograph watch was manufactured to please Louis XVIII of France. The reason was: he desires to know as to how long the horse-racing lasted. To satisfy the king; this watch came into being. Amongst the most popular and recognizable watch – it is a substantial piece to have in your collection. You can use this type of watch is athletic or sporty events such as:

  • Cycling.
  • Car or horse racing.
  • Every watch-making brand manufacture at minimum one chronograph watches to complete the range.

2. Dress

The key feature of this type of watch is one: simplicity. All that matters is this type of watch should be simple; the wearer can sweep a single glance, and know what time it is. Unlike chronograph watches which have numerous complications; dress watch even lacks a second-hand to make it look simple. This watch is worn on every formal occasion:

  • Meetings.
  • Interviews.
  • Funerals.
  • Weddings.
  • State dinners and gatherings.

Rule: Dress watch must have a perfect fit with your wrist. They mustn’t be loose, and draw the attention – A thing dress watch should never do.

3. Quartz

With great advancements in technology; people realize one thing: Wristwatches are not just about telling time anymore – they are the fashion now. With the increase in demand; every other brand manufacture quartz watch with prices ranging from affordable to on the verge of breaking banks for some. Scientist at Bell Labs in 1923 realized that quartz crystal provides much precise time than any other. If you’re ever unsure about which watch to match with an outfit; be safe and choose a quartz watch.

4. Mechanical

Any wristwatch which functions with mechanical movements is expensive. Period! All the watches working on functioning on this are a perfect fit for a customary watch. To ensure whether your watch is integrated with mechanical workings; press it to ear. If you can make out the ticking sound; you have an expensive piece in your hand. This fantastic piece comes in a variety of looks; Watches2U discount codes are available to acquire this piece now.

5. Field

As the name suggests; this type was used in war-field and combats. Field watch’s unique feature: its look of ruggedness. They’re not some sleek and shiny piece; it is a watch than can sustain blows either of hostilities or infield. These watches are reader-friendly, water-resistant, and luminous dials. Today’s field watches are given the look of military aesthetics to make them live up to their name. There are various online platforms which offer field watches with voucher codes; they’re easily obtainable now.

6. Automatic

When we consider watches; occasion matters. This watch is manufactured from formal –to – casual wear. The thing here is: there’s a difference between a fashion and statement watches. An automatic watch is not for making a fashion statement; at all. They’re classics. Wear them on casual dinners, relax meeting with friends, or attending informal functions.

7. Hybrid

Hybrid are fashion watches. They’re not a classic, and you mustn’t wear them for formal occasions. The perfect amalgamation of analog and digital elements result in a hybrid watch. The outer is more analog-look, whereas the insides are complete digital functioning. These watches have an abundance of other features such as an alarm or a back-light; thus a total informal watch.

In a Nutshell

In the 20th century; some people are still unaware of types of watches available in the market or on an online platform. All they care about is the look of the watch. Many do not know about the importance of a perfect fit wristwatch, or which is better when. Before buying any watch; read these seven types of watches which will help you cover all the occasions with minimal watches in your collection, and saving you money.