Socially Distanced Christmas Party | How to Celebrate Christmas in Quarantine

Socially Distanced Christmas

This year 2020 is the time you will celebrate a socially distanced Christmas Party. All thanks to the current Coronavirus pandemic that you came across festivals in quarantine. Similar to the celebration of Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday behind closed doors, it is quite possible that you will have a no-contact Christmas Eve.

If you are a fan of the famous song, “there is no place like home for the holidays.” Then, this year you will feel its lyrics in your bones. Amid the virus pandemic, many families in the United Kingdom are planning to celebrate a socially distanced Christmas.

Instead of gathering in large groups like the previous years, folks might even celebrate Christmas alone. If you are one of such individuals, feel no regret this December and make the most of Christmastime. There are a variety of no-contact Christmas ideas you can do during social distancing.

Socially Distanced Christmas Party Ideas

We hope for the safety and wellbeing of every being on this planet. It is difficult to predict how things can go yet; winter is the time for festivity. Add joy to the safe social distancing and Merry Christmas.

Decorate Christmas Cookies

Baking cookies is an enacting Christmas activity that makes your house smell appetising. You can do it alone and enjoy the festival with family. Feel like every Christmas and decorate cookies in unique shapes with cutters and frostings.

Start a Video Call with Santa

Meeting your favourite Santa is an enchanting experience for many youngsters during Xmas time. Unfortunately, you may not see your adorable buddy this year. Nevertheless, in today’s digital world, you can connect with folks while socially distancing.

Make the most of networking apps and hop on a video call with Santa Claus. Many platforms allow you to receive videos and letters from Santa. This year, try the Elfi Santa discount codes and have fun.

Host a Virtual Christmas Partyevery corner. Place the best stocking stuffers for kids and let them take part in the merriment.

Just because you are spending a no-contact Christmas, does not mean you cannot connect. See your friends and family this Christmas like every year, but do it virtually. Host a socially distanced Christmas party on Zoom and celebrate online.

Take pictures of the screen and embrace positivity during Christmastime. You can wear your favourite Christmas pyjamas and sing together with closed ones. Send a Zoom link to all those you love and wait to see who joins on this occasion.

Exchange Gifts with Family

Celebrations that do not involve gifts look incomplete. Therefore, fill your no-contact Christmas party with presents and love. Exchange gifts with your friends and family by delivering these online. Send ornaments and involve different households in your celebration.

Let others know you remember them in this time of pandemic and set smiles on weary faces with little pieces of love. For more, you can prepare cookies, eatables, and DIY gifts to send on Christmas. Wrap gifts in stockings and hang them on your neighbour’s door.

Decorate the House Festively

This year, you are going to spend a longer holiday season at home. Therefore, decorative your place of living as festively as you can. Transform your space into a winter wonderland from your dreams. Ask your family members to join in and decorate every corner. Place the best stocking stuffers for kids and let them take part in the merriment.

Watch the Best Christmas Movies

Watching a movie is an ideal way to celebrate any festival with friends, family, or yourself. If you are ‘home alone’ on this Christmas, let the movie play on your screen and make the most of your socially distanced celebration.

You can find the best Christmas movies to watch this year on the internet. Recommend these to your friends and connect with them on the call while each of you watches it in their comfort zones. Drink your favourite cocktails during the playtime for rejoicing.

Prepare Xmas Tree in a Virtual Party

Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition on this festival. Often people call their family members and close friends to decorate it together. This year, a socially distanced Christmas party is restricting you to do so.

Therefore, set up a Zoom call and connect with all those you love. Decorate the tree together in your houses while giving everyone a chance to put a special ornament on their trees. You can take help from many party stores and use the Christmas discount codes to save on decorations.

Send Online Christmas Cards

While there is so much to do at home during these holidays, make sure to send a Christmas card online. You can mail a customised Christmas card to your friends or share it on the social media with many. Do it the way you like and gather many on the same platform virtually.

Besides, prepare DIY Christmas cards for family members. Remember, the no-contact Christmas celebration is offering you an opportunity to stay with family for more time. You can create unique cards for each family member and make memories.

Attend a Socially Distanced Party

In different parts of the country, towns are arranging a socially distanced Christmas party for folks. You can be a part of it if one such event is happening in your area too. Meet and greet others by following all the protocols.

Moreover, you can also host one such party as per your location. Otherwise, search the newspaper for local happenings on Christmas. You may get a chance to explore an outdoor Xmas tree or a festive holiday market.

Socially Distanced Christmas Party – Are You Going?

Christmas is just round the corner and there is much regarding the limitations and restrictions because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, by arranging a socially distanced Christmas party, you can keep things positive.

Try not to let the frustrating lockdown ruin the greatest event of the year. You can smoothly make a difference in 2020 before the year-ends.

Do not forget to say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!”