Tips To Score Major Discounts While Shopping Online

Shopping Discount code

It seems like online retailers are getting genius day by day as they are coming up with incredible deals to lure the customers. However, if you are a smart buyer and know how to redeem discount voucher codes for the ultimate advantage, you will always be at the top. Read this blog for all the amazing tips to help you save big while shopping online.

Choose The Right Day

We understand how tempting it is to have your lazy weekend spent browsing and purchasing items you desire, but you should know better not to cash out too fast. Mostly the stores offer discounts and deals on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

If you are planning to book an airline ticket, then Sunday is the cheapest day while the fares are higher on Mondays whereas Tuesday is the ideal day to purchase laptops and computers. Major retailers send out discount voucher codes and coupons on Tuesday.

Saturday is the best day for every book lover as Amazon and others launch book sales. This sale is targeted towards the bookworms who love to have a new book for their weekend.

Customer Service And Bargaining Go Together

Just saw an email only to find an awesome coupon which has expired a couple of days before? Don’t fret! Ring the customer service and ask them if it could be extended as you are about to make an order. The chances are the sales team is always eager to close a deal so, they will offer a new one or simply extend the one you already have.

However, it is not going to work every time and especially if you are purchasing low priced items, but it is worth a try anyway.

Most websites nowadays offer live chats which you can use. Ask a few questions politely regarding the product you are interested in and inquire if there is any discount possibly available for the specific product that you can avail. The majority still don’t know that chat support can offer special discount voucher codes not available otherwise.

Outsmart The Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a strategy used by online retailers to offer different prices to different customers. It depends on your location, the current demand of the product, your browsing history, and the patterns of spending. Has it happened to you that you found airfare 30% higher the next day you checked? This is dynamic pricing. Most retailers who are aware of the customer’s price point may show a higher price to you than the other who spend less online. Now, the question is, what could be done to get rid of this biased pricing? Here’s how you can exclude yourself from the trap of dynamic pricing:

• Clear the cookies in particular and also your browsing history
• Switch to incognito mode
• Choose less developed countries as a home for cheaper airfares
• Log out of all the accounts

Email Organization is Useful

Sign up to different newsletters, coupon websites, and promotion lists. These sign-ups can save you a handsome amount of money. You may have a favourite store or the one that you visit frequently; it will be very beneficial to sign up to its newsletter. The newsletter would guide you about all the upcoming sales and discounts.

Redeem Multiple Discount Voucher Codes Wisely

If there is a website you are buying from, and it is allowing you to redeem multiple coupons at once use them carefully and in the right order. Let’s assume you have a code to save 20% and another one that offers to subtract a specific amount off the entire bill. Use the 20% off first as it will reduce the 20% from the larger sum and then get the specific amount off.

Leave The Items In The Cart

This can be done only incase of having an account on the retailer’s website and you are logged in while choosing the items. The trick is to choose products and add them to cart then leave the cart for a day or two. This way you can save yourself from making an impulsive purchase and most stores hate unclosed deals so they will try to force you to make an order. They will offer you a discount or a coupon to close the deal as soon as possible.