The Different Types of Footwear and Ladies Shoes

types of footwear

Fashionista women are crazy about the different types of footwear. Every morning, ladies spend a considerable duration in front of their wardrobes for finalising this fashion wear. Because your shoes are the first noticeable factor in your ensemble, they must be attractive, We have list down types of ladies shoes.

Types of Footwear and Shoes for Women

Always give priority to the footwear type when you plan to enter in a gathering. The categories of women shoes, slippers, and sandals own a wide variety. You can dive deeper into all the types of footwear a diva can stock up in her closet by using the Shoe Embassy discount codes.

1- Pumps

Women like to wear casual, formal, stylish, and all other genres of footwear as per mood. Nevertheless, pumps are the shoes a lady will love to slip in every day. These are available in a vast variety of styles and designs with variable heel sizes. You can wear pumps with all outfits without trouble.


2- Ballerinas


Most often, ballerinas are confused with pumps by women. It is because these are ballet pumps with a flat base. In this new era, this types of ladies shoes makes you feel comfortable and supports walking on every road. You can engage in different activities like jumping, running, dancing, and more in these shoes.

3- Stilettos


Famous for signature eight-inch slim heels, stilettos are a trophy for women in the fashion world. This category is a charm for women with its classic appearance. Nonetheless, it annoys many divas for its hard-to-handle nature. Its dual feature makes it a fascinating piece for fashionista chicks and a formal one for bossy women.

4- Flip-Flops


The famous summer slippers are generally known as flip-flops. These are a perfect combination on the beach and in the sand. It is made with a foam base and plastic toe support in the centre. For stylish ones, consider buying leather flip-flops. You can find decorative slippers with beads and gems too.

5- Loafers


Among the different types of footwear for women, loafers belong to the decent and casual shoe category. It is a casually slipping shoe that holds elastic on both ends. The elasticity of loafers makes them perfect for everyday use. You can pair these with formal, casual, and the simple christmas party outfits.

6- Trainers


As per its name, trainers are the women shoes designed for providing support in training. You can wear these while hitting the gym, walking, jogging, and exercising casually. A trainer will always pair up with your sportswear and help you in an everyday look. These are the most comfortable shoes you a diva can ever get.

7- Brogues

People believe brogues are men shoes; however, these also add to the ensemble of women. A brogue in comparison to ballerinas makes a better choice for a formal look. It looks more satisfying and is safer for the feet. This flat shoe helps in pairing up with your workplace attire, especially if you wear leather office brogues.

8- Wedges

When a fashionista wears wedges, she wears heels without carrying them visibly in the sandal. Here, a single piece is responsible for serving as the heel and the sole. In wedges, the sole is thicker at the backside as compared to the front. This setting makes it a high-heeled shoe with a comforting nature.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best types of footwear for women. You can stick to most of them while setting up your closet and have fun walking on the streets.