How to Use Instagram to Get Your Hands on Exclusive Discount Codes

Instagram discount codes

If you aren’t an active part of the Instagram community yet, I’m about to give you a great reason to sign up instantly. I know many people avoid using Instagram because it’s all about stalking at pictures of your friends, family members or famous celebrities. Many people just aren’t interested in seeing pictures all day long that are filled with numerous hashtags.

Instagram is a video and photo sharing social network that allows users to interact with friends and show off their activities in a fun way. Apart from that, Instagram is also a great platform used by business to initiate their online marketing campaign. In addition, all the images you upload can be edited with some wacky and fun filters. You can organize these posts with tags and your location information. This network is available for use on both a computer and your smartphone. However, the app is considered a better option thanks to the direct share feature. With this option you can directly post pics after snapping them from your Instagram app.

To be honest, I discovered this social platform to be much more than just about looking at images and short clips. In fact, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars within a span of 6 months, all thanks to Instagram. This social network is perfect to find some of the best discount codes and promo codes like Buy Sheds Direct Discount Codes . Here are a few tricks I have under my sleeves to help you save on shopping with vouchers codes.

Add Your Favorite Brands in Your Network

A pretty simple step, as all you have to do, is search for a brand’s official Instagram account and click the button ‘follow.’ All major brands like zip car , boiler juice and Ski world Promo Code are putting their heart and soul into marketing their brand and products on this social network. Brands run promotional activities on this platform because it has over 800 million monthly active users. Take advantage of their marketing tactics in which every once in a while a new sale or voucher code shows up.

Utilize Hashtag Searches

Hashtags (# Sign) is more of a Twitter thing. However, the popularity and benefits of this symbol have brought it to use for top social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well. You can use these hashtags as interests to search for them. When you see the magnifying glass symbol on your screen, enter almost anything you’d like to see pictures of, and you’ll be shown with thousands, sometimes millions of search results. Here are a few hashtags to note down while searching for voucher codes.

• #freestuff (804,399 posts)
• #sale (47,378,658 posts) – WOW!!
• #coupons (3,260,230 posts)
• #deals (3,074,643)

And there’s more where that came from! These posts will increase every now and then. Always be on the lookout for the latest discounts and sales.

Follow the Right Apps and People

Are you aware of any free voucher websites that help users find amazing discounts and promo codes? Well, there are quite a few. In fact, now you can even integrate your web browsers with a voucher finding software. This software will automatically search for active vouchers and apply them every time you are shopping online. Many of these providers are also active on Facebook. They post on a daily basis about the latest updates regarding vouchers and sales.

Search For ‘#Couponers’ To Find Users like You Who Share Coupons

Hashtags like ‘#couponers’ and ‘#couponcommunity’ will show you posts that have been shared by normal users like you. Many people just want everyone to save money. Therefore, they share every new clearance sale, seasonal sale, or voucher codes that they find on Instagram. With the right hashtags and timing, you’ll discover some of the best offers in no time.

Wrap Up

Even though Instagram is a social network for people who love sharing their moment in the form of pictures and videos, people like us who are hungry for money savvy vouchers can also benefit from it. With the easy and useful tips I’ve provided above, you may never have to wait for a TV commercial or email ad to inform you about an upcoming sale. With Instagram, you’ll always be updated with all vouchers and discounts you can avail at the moment.