Get The Best Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes and Ideas


The month of February is just around the corner, and so is Valentine’s Day. While people are already planning different ideas for this Day, look out to some of the most trending Valentine’s Day cake recipes and ideas. No matter if you plan a date this February or not, try to bake the most favourite cake for your partner and add some DIY fun to all Valentine’s Day voucher codes on online stores.

Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate cake is one of the best desserts for days like Valentine’s Day. It is easy to bake and comes up as the best combination of vanilla extract and cocoa powder. While you cover it with chocolate chips and add red sprinkles for a romantic look, make sure to purchase a cake revolving stand for serving it appropriately.

Get hands-on the full recipe at Delish and have fun. Let the cake cool completely before icing.

Valentine’s Day Angel Food Poke Cake

While Delish is adamant about believing the cake is a savour of seven minutes from Heaven, try this on February 14. It is a perfect mixture of vanilla extract and heavy cream. You can garnish it with chocolate shavings and enjoy. Cakes that come with instructions are easy to make and taste definite; therefore, you can keep it for your date this year.

It is a maximum three-hour game that can turn your Valentine’s dinner into an elegant dessert date.

Valentine’s Day No-Bake Cheesecake

Most importantly, garnish this cake with cashews and peanuts for a unique taste. Save on dry fruit bars from David’s cookies discount codes and add strawberries to your no-bake cake. The cake looks like a mini dessert once you bake it exactly like Delish and serve it with chocolate filled berries.

Cheesecakes are quickest to make because of the simple Oreo cookie crust mixed with butter. People often feel sad about slicing a pretty cake. But, this mini cake just requires you to dig in a fork.

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Choco Cake

As per the courtesy of Handle the Heat with Tessa Arias, a Valentine’s Day strawberry and chocolate cake is the right dessert for your partner. A pink color cake looks attractive with chocolate wrapped strawberries on the top. Once you master its baking, you can put forward the recipe for different occasions.

It is rich, moist, and incredibly flavourful with strawberry buttercream made from seedless preserves and unsalted butter.

Valentine’s Day Molten Lava Cake

A red velvet chocolate molten lava cake is the right one for a cake expert this year. Replace the dark chocolate with white one and make an attractively red and delicious cake. Lava cake is easy-to-bake therefore, serving them upside down looks incredible.

Get hands-on a red-velvet cookbook for getting better Valentine’s Day cake recipes and ideas. You can garnish your cake with white sprinkles or dusting of confectioner’s sugar for a better look.

Valentine’s Day Oreo Truffle Cake

Oreo adds to the charm of any Valentine’s Day cake. It is another form of the brownie bars made of red velvet Oreo truffle. An incredible innovation that you can bring to this cake is by turning it into mini cupcakes and serve it in a different way than planned. With a substantial amount of truffle between the layers, bake it perfect.

Rather than using a red velvet mix, you can look forward to a homemade one as well. Garnish it with a hot fudge topping and add chocolate chips for making it look tastier than ever.

Valentine’s Day Flourless Choco Cake

A cake that is made up of zero flour sounds dreamy and tastes Heaven. It is a classic combination of eggs and cocoa powder. In the case of this cake, do not opt-for strawberries. In fact, make it different and add raspberries for a different taste.

Serve it with extra sliced ones and garnish it with a bunch of fresh raspberries. It is a thin, dense, and creamy cake that can look different than all the traditional cakes if you try.

The Final Savour

Valentine’s Day cake recipes and ideas will trend all month. It is upon you to get hands-on the right ones and choose your food and beverage discount codes well for buying ingredients. February is the perfect month for baking red and chocolate cakes. It is a month of desserts and dates so, melt the best out of it!