Wink With Longer Eyelashes – Tips From Fashion Experts


Eyelashes are not just a protection for your eyes but a natural accessory you need to take care of. They will always remain the most important topic where fashion and attitude quotes revolve around!

‘A lash and a wink, gets you further than you think!’

Women keep coming up with beauty and style tips every day from fashion experts. Divas who can understand the importance of eyelashes in their appearance always look for opportunities to get hands-on discounted ones.

This year, The Eyelash Emporium voucher codes are sparkling on almost every leading discount website all over the UK. However, you can have a better plan and glam up your wink naturally.

Follow incredible tips to have longer eyelashes and keep the fake ones for special occasions only. Always remember,

‘Amazing eyelashes do not just happen! They get applied!’

Opt For The Right Eyelash Conditioner

Apply proper conditioning if you really wish to bewitch viewers with fascinating eyes. Several ways help you in keeping them perfect.

  • Moisturize your lashes with petroleum jelly and make sure they grow healthier and stronger. Apply a coat before bed or during day time and protect your eyes from drying agents and other harmful substances.
  • Rub some natural or cosmetic oil over your lash line. These are the best conditioners because of the nutrients they contain. Opt for castor oil, olive oil, emu oil, and vitamin E oil and wait for unbelievable results.
  • Apply some egg white with equal parts castor oil and strengthen your lashes. Do not spread egg white alone on your lash line as there are chances of having brittle ones without the mixing of oil.
  • Use lash serum as the most recommended of products for longer eyelashes. It will always benefit you with the best ingredients that keep varying according to the brand they come from.

Stimulate Your Lash Growth

There are enormous tricks through which you can boost the growth of your lashes. Natural remedies are cost-effective and mostly safe from side-effects.

  • Eat a proper diet for maintaining the functions of your body along with lash growth. Vitamin B is the most essential element in this case. Therefore, add more bananas, carrots, egg yolks, cauliflower, and some other sources that include biotin.
  • Wear eyelash primer whenever possible and protect them from harsh ingredients in your mascara. Try to carry a primer beneath your lashes. For better results, try to look out for primers that contain pro-keratin.
  • Be attentive regarding your use of mascara and keep it personal. Try to use mascara as less as possible to improve your lash boost. Make sure you wash it off properly and remove the clumps while it is wet.
  • Use a lash curler properly and make sure you do not tug your eyelashes as they have very sensitive roots. It is essential to avoid rubbing your eyes. Instead, try to rub and scrub your eyelids in case you need it.
  • Brush your lashes regularly with a special comb. Similar to hair combing, they boost up the blood circulation and stimulate your lash growth. Assure you do not tug any of your lash hair because it can bring adverse effects.
  • Massage your eyelids on a daily basis for approx. 10 minutes. It is another way to stimulate the hair follicles along your lash line and turn them more active. Try to use your pinky finger and avoid any extra pressure on your lids.

Prepare Your Lashes Before They Grow

Right before your lashes start growing, follow some tips by fashion experts, and maintain their beauty and style for a proper look after they are bigger enough to sparkle your eyes.

  • Use a lash-enhancing mascara whenever you go for one. Such a mascara contains specific lipid complexes that will overall strength your lashes. Wearing it will bring the least damage to your eyes only if you wash it correctly every time.
  • Apply a lash-enhancing eyeliner similar to the mascara. This type of cosmetic will strengthen your newly grown lash hair as it clearly touches your roots. Spread a lash grower directly to the base of your lash line.
  • Look out for high-quality lash extensions. Online stores like The Eyelash Emporium have offered a wide selection of health and beauty voucher codes on different discount platforms. Here, you can get affordable hands-on extensions easily.

Wink Or Blink! But; Have Longer Eyelashes!

Fashion and beauty tips always remain the same but keep updating. Ladies are familiar with common fashion trends that come back every couple of years. Similarly, keep these tricks in mind and make a statement with longer eyelashes this time!

‘Act like a lady! Lash like a boss!’