Practice the Best Workout Routine for Men and Stay Healthy All Year

Workout Routine for Men

The best workout routine for men is one that is effective and visibly positive. Fitness lovers keep looking for plenty of workout tips that can help. It is not difficult to find workout guides on the web. It takes a few health and fitness voucher codes to find high-quality gym gear for indoor and exercises.

Unfortunately, not every exercise shows quick results. Those who hit the gym with some fitness goals often get disappointed when they cannot make up to the mark. It is necessary to learn everything about a workout routine before adding it to your daily tasks.

Here is a guide for practising the best workout routine for men. Remember, the perfect time to start maintaining your body is now. Whenever you realise that you are running out of shape, switch to the right practices and get back in shape.

What Can The Best Workout Routine For Men Include?

There are different types of workout routine for men out there. It is never about selecting one and sticking to it unless you are comfortable with it. Exercises that can match the abilities of a man will always help in making the most of gym hours.

When you hit the gymnasium every morning, you come across people with different workouts and training. Here, you can look forward to three different workout routines according to beginner, medium, and expert level.

Workout Routine for Beginners

For starters, three days are more than enough to start burning your calories. One can proceed with any three days of the week and get in form with this practice.

It is not a difficult workout routine for men, but surely it will encourage you and appear challenging at points. You can make sure of all the steps and reach the beginner level.

First Day

4×8 of barbell bench press for your chest

4×10 of lat pull-downs for your back

4×10 of seated dumbbell press for your shoulders

4×10 of leg extensions for your legs

3×10 of barbell biceps curls for your biceps

3×10 of triceps rope pushdowns for your triceps

Second Day

4×8 of machine chest press for your chest

4×10 of T-bar row for your back

3×20 of lateral raises for your shoulders

4×8 of leg press machine for your legs

4×10 of EZ bar curls for your biceps

3×20 of overhead bar extensions for your triceps

Third Day

4×10 of cable fly for your chest

4×12 of close grip pull-downs for your back

3×15 of EZ bar upright rows for your shoulders

3×10 of lunges for your legs

3×12 of hammer curls for your biceps

3×15 of skull crushers for your triceps

Workout Routine for Intermediates

It is the best workout routine for men who wish to challenge themselves a little more. It consists of a five days split plan to burn more calories without any adverse effects.

It is tougher to handle and takes your sweat to another level quickly. It will help you in losing more fat for a healthy body.

First Day

For Your Chest

3×10, 10, 8 of dumbbell bench press

3×10 of inclined dumbbell bench press

3xMAX of chest dip

For Your Triceps

3×8-10 of skull crushers

3×10 of one arm dumbbell extensions

3×10 of triceps extensions

For Your Shoulders

4×12 of barbell front raises

4×15, 12, 8, 8 of dumbbell lateral raises

Second Day

For Your Back

3×8-10 of upright row

3×10 of machine reverse fly

3×10 of straight arm lat pull-downs

3×10 of lat pull-downs

3xMAX of wide grip lat pull up

For Your Biceps

3×10 of inclined dumbbell curl

3×8-10 of standing barbell curl

3×10 of preacher curl

Third Day

For Your Legs

4×10, 10, 8, 8 of squat

3×8 of dumbbell lounge on each leg

3×12 of 45-degree leg press

3×15 of leg curl

3×15 of leg extension

5×10, 8, 8, 6, 6 of standing calf-raises (heavy)

5×15 of seated calf-raises (light)

Fourth Day

For Your Chest

3×10, 10, 8 of barbell bench press

3×10 of dumbbell fly

3×10 of cable crossovers

For Your Triceps

4×10, 10, 8, 6 of close grip bench press

3×10 of lying dumbbell extension

3×10 of triceps kickback

For Your Shoulders

4×10, 10, 8, 8 of seated dumbbell press

3×12 of one arm cable lateral raises

Fifth Day

For Your Back

4×10 of seated row

3×10 of bent over barbell row

3×12 of bent-over row

3×8-10 of smith machine upright row

For Your Biceps

4×8-10 of cable curl

3×10 of concentration curl

3×10 of reverse barbell curl

Workout Routine for Experts

At the expert level, you can analyse how tough you have been throughout the training. It is a six-day workout plan with just one day to recover.

Challenge lovers can consider it as the right workout routine for men as it involves high intensity and heavy lifting. For an attractive and incredible physique, you must stick to it.

First Day

For Your Chest and Back

1×5 of barbell bench press (set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%)

3×6-8 of inclined dumbbell press

3×6-10 of dips

3×5-8 of pull-ups

3×6-10 of pendlay rows

3×6-10 of pull-downs

Second Day

For Your Legs

1×5 of squats (set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%)

3×6-10 of leg press

5×5 of stiff-legged deadlift

3×6-8 of hamstring curls

5×10 calf-raises

Third Day

For Your Shoulders and Arms

3×6-8 of dumbbell press

5×0 of lateral raises

5-6-10 of barbell curls

3×6-10 dumbbell curls

Fourth Day

Rest on this day and recover for the upcoming days.

Fifth Day

For Your Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

5×20-6 of flat dumbbell press

3×6-10 of inclined dumbbell press

3×10 of hammer strength press

3×12-15 of cable fly

5×15-20 of lateral raises

5×15-20 reverse-grip pull-downs

Sixth Day

For Your Back and Biceps

5×20-8 of barbell rows

3×15-20 of barbell shrugs

3×10-12 of rack deadlifts

3×6-10 of pull-ups

3×6-10 of pull-downs

Seventh Day

For Your Legs

5×20-8 of front squats

5×10 of leg extensions

5×6-10 of hamstring curls

5×6-10 of seated calf raises

5×10-12 of standing calf raises

Wrap Up

Selecting a workout routine for men is not difficult if you are aware of your abilities. The right one will support you in getting back in shape.