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Do not come up only if you are an experienced blogger while you write for us fashion blogs or travel blogs. We encourage every individual in the world who wishes to be a part of the guest blogging industry. We, Gogetdeals – are a leading platform for providing online voucher codes all over the world. Therefore, we seek to give details to all our fans about online shopping, discounts, deals, and the latest trends in the virtual industry.

People visiting here are looking for high-quality, informative content that can entertain the readers in one way or other. Henceforth, to be our contributor, make sure of your content right before you write for us tech blogs. Latest news and trending details or information associated with the online market are most appreciated on our platform.

Are You Ready To Write For Us Guest Blogs?

Ready To Write For UsOur team of highly-qualified professional writers are already engaging readers with worthy content. But, Gogetdeals always encourages newcomers and supports better content. Therefore, look out to the following guidelines before you engage in guest blogging with us.

Strong Focus on Punctuation and Grammar

Grammar and punctuation are vital points for professional writers. We encourage bloggers with professional behaviour. Make sure to check for all mistakes and grammatical errors before you write for us health blogs.

A good quality submitted post will save the time of our editors and help us in publishing your blog soon. We will not consider any blog with too many mistakes.

Stay Away from Plagiarism Always

No one supports plagiarism. We do not appreciate writers who try to copy others and do not respect the efforts of other writers.

Therefore, make sure you write for us authentic content that is not copied from elsewhere. It is disheartening to find plagiarized articles henceforth; we immediately reject any such submissions.

Create Attractive Headings and Titles

Readers, as well as publishers, appreciate attractive headings and creative titles. An individual may decide to go through your content if you succeed in generating innovative headings. An article that already looks boring by the title will not get enough views.

Try to put more effort into making your titles attractive. We will always welcome guest posts that bring us more readers and contribute to our page in a better way.

Start with an Effectual Introduction

The most important thing that adds worth to a high-quality guest post after the headings are the way you start your blog. The introduction is something that needs to be impactful, brief, informative, and attractive.

Put all the efforts in your content’s introduction and make sure the reader wishes to read further. This point will always polish your writing style.

Reasons You Have To Write For Us

There are enormous reasons that let individuals support guest blogging on various platforms. In our case, Gogetdeals is highlighting some of the positive aspects of writing a guest blog for our platform.

Connect With Quality Traffic

By guest posting on our platform, you will get a chance to increase the quality of your traffic. Readers here are authentic and looking for something productive. For example, if you write for us travel blogs, we can help you engage with maximum people interested in travelling.

Build Your Subscriber Base

Connecting with high-quality guest blog sites increase your chances of receiving interested subscribers. After you publish a considerable article on our platform, you may find an increased fan base soon.

Improvement in Domain Authority

Google increases the rank of credible content with time. Therefore, guest blogging for us can help you improve your page rank without applying much of SEO strategies. Rather than purchasing multiple links, opt for the idea of writing guest blogs.

Focal Points to Remember Before You Write For Us

At this point, you will know what type of content is acceptable on Gogetdeals. Right after you have completed writing a relevant and worthy blog, check for these points and finalize your draft. Making sure of all these key points will increase the chance of getting your blog published.

  • Write first person professional blogs that are easy to understand
  • Include details related to online shopping, discount codes and some below-mentioned topics
  • Add more bullet points and make paragraphs short to 3-4 lines only, for increasing readability
  • Try to add subheadings for a better understanding of topics
  • All guest posts will be checked with Copyscape so assure authentic content
  • Only opt for images that you own or add royalty-free images
  • Make sure of writing a blog with 1000+ words
  • In the case of Infographics, publish a summary of at least 300 words,

Areas We Most Probably Cover for Guest Articles

In case you wish to write for us, these topics are mostly appreciated.

  • Fashion Trends
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sports
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Social media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Business
  • Shopping
  • News
  • Home and Living
  • Lifestyle
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Games
  • Coupons Deals
  • Gadgets

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How to Contact for Guest Submission!

Guest Post contact us

Contact us via marketing@gogetdeals.co.uk for further details or to submit a guest post.

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