Cookies Policy

Information Relating To Our Use of Cookies

Our prime use of cookies is for the betterment of GoGetDeals. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our terms and conditions and cookie policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are a tiny piece of information that comes in the form of a text file through our website into an internet user’s computer for remembering who you are. These come in use by almost every primary webpage. Without the use of these cookies, it is challenging for a vendor to allow shopping to any of its consumers. If a website does not remember you, it cannot easily let you add items in the basket and will not know you for a future reference.

Security And Privacy

We use cookies on our platform and make every user sure that our webpage will not leak any of your information. We make the best utilisation of your details to provide you with a better experience on every visit.

Registration And Subscription

To make sure you have a great experience while subscribing to our website, we use cookies and smooth the process by confirming the steps you go through. With the use of our cookies, we identify if you are a frequent user and bring to you the offers we do not share with our first-time visitors.

Personalisation Of Customers

To allow the extensive customisation of our webpage, GoGetDeals utilises cookies. These help us to identify your behaviour and estimate your purchasing choices. Through this, we tend to offer you better products of your choice that you may be looking for on our platform.

Statics And Analytics

We also utilise our cookies to identify all our users and know their location details. After finding who our visitors are and where they belong, we can come up with improvements on GoGetDeals. This data also helps us to rectify errors and problems on our webpage.

Our site uses this cookie information to relish your experience of GGD and understand what pages are most visited. It helps us in calculating the pages that need the most improvement.

Sharing Of Third Party Cookies

We deal with different third-party cookies that help us in providing customised details and advertisements. These are secure for all our customers. We do not tend to share any personal information of our users with their parties. You can always rest on our site with assurance regarding the privacy of your details.

We wish to let all our visitors know that the third parties whom we work with may also use cookies. However, we have no right over their cookies and are not accountable for any of their rules and practices relating to their cookie policy. Most probably, these are analytical cookies or others used for targeting.