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About The Eyelash Emporium

Voluminous lashes can immediately transform the makeup and spruce up eyes posing maximum effect. The eyelash emporium, as the name suggests, is setting a benchmark in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash products inspired by movie starlets. With The Eyelash Emporium Voucher Codes its easier now to experiment with your daily makeup routine on budget.
The store features J-curl, B-curl, C-curl and D-curl lashes, a must-have for a glamorously jaw-dropping look, the versatility of the eyelashes allows the product to perfectly coordinate with diverse eye shapes and lash profiles. What matters next is the material which ensures the comfort and appearance. All eyelash products are comprised of PBT – a super-soft advanced polymer that’s light and silky but is stern on the curl. 
In addition, GDL lash lift products, adhesives, mascara wands, lash tints, cleanser and primer are some of the bestselling items. All available in unbelievably lower prices, thanks to The Eyelash Emporium Discount.
For lash extension treatments you will find complete range of equipment including Glamcor Mono Light, lash mirror, end-scene micro applicator, training lashes, disinfecting jar, soft focus sponge applicators and other products for staff like headbands, costume department bath sheet, selfie light and more. Don’t forget to apply The Eyelash Emporium Discount Code to shrink the bill down.